The Top Three Best Valentine’s Day Experiences


Eric Lanzer, Co-Editor in Chief

Why Valentine’s Day is the Best Holiday

Today I will be listing my top three reasons why Valentine’s Day is the best holiday! Lauren Grafe commented on Valentine’s Day, “ If it is going to be considered a holiday, we should get school off for it.” 

  1. Gifts: What is more fun than buying pointless gifts for your significant other?! I love the aspect of how it is just expected that you have to get a gift for your significant other which then takes away the best aspect of gifts, the surprise. If I wanted candy, I would go get it myself!
  2. Dinner: Who wouldn’t want to go to some basic American restaurant for Valentine’s Day dinner? Around here you will catch the local couples at Texas Roadhouse and Applebee’s to celebrate their drastic love for each other! They have very romantic settings and really set the mood for the rest of the night!
  3. The Couples: My absolute favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is seeing the cringey, disgusting, and absolutely foul couples snuggling up in random public places! The pictures they post on social media are really awesome, and I look forward to seeing them being cringe with their date! Everyone is so gross and all over each other on Valentine’s day. It reminds me of high school dances!