How to Cure Study Hall Boredom


Tegan Dugger, Staff Writer

  Study hall is a class that can be very helpful when it comes to homework, and that’s basically it. If you don’t have any homework, study hall can be an extremely boring class for that day. Not for me though, I have figured out what to do during this dull period that will make you excited to go to study hall.

The first thing to do is attempt the try not to laugh challenge. This can be done using anything, a friend, a phone, your imagination etc. I personally enjoy watching funny compilations on Youtube. Keep in mind, although it is very fun, it’s also very dangerous for two reasons. The first is if you start laughing, you wont stop, I know this from experience. I’m not going to go into much detail, but let’s just say, I didn’t stop laughing and I got some judgemental stares. The second reason this is dangerous is because you need to make sure your phone’s volume is at maximum low. Study hall is a very silent class, so it’s always hilarious when other people accidentally blast something from their phone so don’t let it be you though! This option is fun and risky at the same time, so  if you’re in the mood to live life on the edge, the try not to laugh challenge is for you. 

I also enjoy cutting up paper during study hall. I know it might sound weird, but it’s actually really fun. I usually make snowflakes out of paper. Once you’re done, just shove it in your pencil pouch. A game that I recommend playing on your phone during study hall would be Bitlife. It’s pretty much like the game Sims. I enjoy playing it because I can start a character’s life in study hall on Monday, and there’s a possibility that I’ll be playing through that life until Wednesday. It’s really fun. Drawing is a great way to pass time as well. I’ve been trying to master how to draw Peppa Pig recently. Maisie Dugger, a senior at Dover stated, “When I’m bored in study hall, I try to master the art of origami.” This is similar to cutting up paper, but instead, you don’t cut the paper. With origami you can basically mold a sheet of paper into anything you want. Be careful ,though, because you can get paper cuts. 

You can also create or participate in a random Kahoot game. Kahoot is not limited to school-related topics; there are kahoots about almost everything. Probably the most amazing thing you can do in study hall is take an online test that helps you figure out which Disney princess you are. I took the test, and I ended up with Rapunzel,which is kind of not right. There are also many fun petitions online that you can sign if you feel like it. 

So there are some of the amazing things you can do while trying to fill the boring gap of time which is the study hall. The next time you’re sitting in the class waiting for the bell to ring try using one of these tips!