Why My Heart Belongs To Valentine’s Day


Emma Copple, Staff Writer

I love Valentine’s Day. Everyone I know hates it, so I am here to explain why the majority is wrong, and, as far as I know, my one single opinion is correct. 

I am not sure that I have met one person that has anything good to say about February 15th, and I am positive that no one has been particularly enthusiastic. The minute I mention anything about the holiday it’s “Ewww why are you excited for that” and I do not understand why. 

I am tired of the “I’m single and have to watch everyone be in love” excuse because my status is quite single, and I have been looking forward to this day since before Christmas. And really what is there not to like besides the whole whipping women for fertility Roman festival this holiday can be traced back to? 

There is another popular origin story that is much cuter. In quick summary, a priest in a kingdom where marriage had been outlawed began marrying couples in secret. When he was arrested and sentenced to death he signed a last note to the jailer’s daughter “your Valentine”. 

So why is everyone angry about Valentine’s Day? Some say that it is a marketing gimmick used to make money off of honeymoon staged couples and sad singles. This is the most pessimistic argument, and possibly the weakest. Because the 15th is whatever you make it, anyone could get themselves excited.  And why not? 

It is a day centered around love that is adorable, and no one can tell me otherwise. Finally, here is my personal testament to Valentine’s Day. 

People wear pretty red dresses. Have you ever worn a pretty red dress? Specifically in celebration of a certain romantic holiday? It is more than enough to await Valentine’s day’s arrival every year. 


Baking heart-shaped things. 


Lastly, in the genius words of senior Nevin Wise, “Most couples break up after Valentine’s Day”

This means that after a heartbreak courtesy period there are new singles available which bring us full circle back around to the “I am single” argument. 


In conclusion, everyone should be excited for Valentine’s Day.