Top 10 Valentines Icks


       With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many people are in the mood to find their soulmate! Just kidding, most people don’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day, but there are some who want to find a significant other. People are looking for someone who they can proudly put in their instagram bio next to a heart emoji; that’s what life’s all about. What life is not about… icks! An ick is something that someone does that is just… icky. For instance, let’s say you’re starting to like someone, but you just can’t get over the fact that they hate Christmas, that would be an ick. I have gathered 10 of the biggest icks people have. Keep in mind that these literally don’t mean anything; if you fall into one of these categories, that does not in any way mean that you’re nasty. Anyways, let’s get icky.

  1. Wearing your mask beneath your nose. This one I can agree with for the most part. Yes, let’s be honest, it looks weird when someone’s nose is hanging out of their mask, like for goodness sake, just push it up. But also, depending on the mask, it may have a tendency to fall. But, I can understand where this is coming from.


     2. People who are rude to their mom in public. This one is definatly a mega ick. I’m sorry, but this is just cruel. We all have seen this at some point: a kid thinks it’s cool to blatantly belittle his Mother in front of a bunch of people like she is some sort of servant. I’m not having it.


     3.Crying when you lose streaks/ people who spend way too much time on snapchat. I get that people like to send streaks, but if you miss a day, the world will not explode. I know some people that have existential breakdowns because they messed up their 867 day streak with someone that they’ve never spoken to in real life. And yea, it’s annoying when people are on social media 24/7.


      4.Man buns/ creepy mustaches. This is true, the creepy mustache definitely has to go, but if done right, a man bun can possibly be pulled off. I changed my mind, they both gotta go.


     5.When someone is constantly ignoring you. We’ve all had this happen to us at some point. It is annoying, and that’s just the facts. If somebody is speaking, you better be listening!


      6. Eating with your mouth open. This is a great one, although I feel like it depends on the person. If I’m next to my brother eating breakfast, and he is chewing like a water buffalo, then yes, I’m going to get mad. If I’m at school, for some reason, I don’t get as mad, but it is still a definite ick.


      7. Leaving people on open. I actually don’t agree with this one. I leave people on open all of the time because I never know how to respond to some stuff. If a friend sends you a picture of their face with a filter, and you do it back, how long does that go on for until the conversation is done? And, when you don’t send them anything back they get offended.


     8. Saying “Frick”. Definitely an ick, it’s just a thing of the past. People used to say frick all of the time, but it’s time to find another word instead. It is just a weird word that has no meaning and is friggin useless. 


     9. Being obsessed with NFTs. What even are they?


    10. People who “aren’t like other girls/boys”. This is honestly just funny; I know that it was a trend to make fun of people like this, but I honestly don’t think that there are actually people who say it. It’s something that high school Disney movies do a lot. There’s always that one quirky girl that claims to be a different breed. 


   So, those are some of the top ten biggest icks. If you happened to fall into any of these icks, it seriously doesn’t matter. I’m sure that almost everyone, at one point in their lives, has done these things before. A friend of mine, Olivia Thuesen, had this to say about icks, “Icks are honestly just a different form of pet peeves. Everyone has something that others do that annoys them, but that shouldn’t be the reason that they’d decide to not like the person.” Very wise words from Olivia; a simple annoyance shouldn’t be the reason you don’t ask someone to be your valentine this year.