5 Tips for Flirting with Your Crush

5 Tips for Flirting with Your Crush

Eric Lanzer, Staff Writer

The Beautiful Art of Flirting

Not everyone is built to have a significant other. Not everyone is built to flirt. So for some, flirting is a bit of a learning curve. But no need to fear; I have five wonderful tips for all the flirting noobs out there. 



1. Pitch a tent outside of their house: Now this may seem obsessive, but I promise you, it will work. Instead of having a normal conversation or going inside their house, just pitch a tent! You may get a few visits from the police, but it will totally make your crush fall in love with you. 


2. Constantly follow them: In school, at work, chillin’ at home, whatever your crush is doing, follow them. DO NOT let them out of your sight. It is the perfect way to show you are interested and invested in what they are doing and how they are feeling. 


3. Constantly give them compliments: No matter what the conversation is originally about, always change the topic of conversation into a compliment fest. NEVER stop with the compliments. Even if they aren’t the best looking, tell them how beautiful they are anyways. 


4. Gift Frequently: Who doesn’t like gifts? Make your crush’s day Christmas every single day. Buy them so many gifts that they might need an extra house or shed to store them. If you have any money in your bank account, clearly you are not gifting frequently enough. 


5. Flirt with their best friend too: You know what they say, two is better than one. You are 100% going to pull your crush if you flirt with their best friend. Take them both out to dinner, buy them both gifts. They will absolutely fall in love with you. 


These tips are a guarantee for a Valentine or for a significant other.