The History Of Gucci

Tegan Dugger, Staff Writer

   Gucci is a designer brand that is known by many. You may have heard about songs like “Gucci Gang ” and how expensive it is. You may have also watched the recent, “House of Gucci” movie that was released. But, there’s more to the story, there’s tea. Gucci is actually the name of the family that owns the brand. It was founded in 1921 and became a huge success in Italy and went worldwide. There were many family issues behind the scenes, involving greed. The company pulls in over 5 billion dollars in annual sales. It is one of the oldest fashion brands in the world. Now, instead of boring you with a complete timeline of Gucci, I figured I’d do some fun facts. 


  1. The design of all Gucci products was based on clothing in London England. 
  2. Many celebrities love Gucci, including Jeffree Star and 2 Chainz who said “when I die, bury me in Gucci.”
  3. Guccio Gucci’s wife killed him for the Gucci fortune, she was sent to jail and is still alive. 
  4. The first runway show wasn’t until the company was 60 years old
  5. Many original designs are often redesigned and improved
  6. Their annual income is 9.63 billion dollars
  7. Its products are made of silk
  8. They created the most expensive pair of jeans in the world
  9. The entire brand is inspired by horses
  10. Gucci’s most famous product is their Gucci belt


Madison Colaner, a student at Dover high school who is also a fashion expert, had this to say about Gucci, “Gucci is overpriced, and that’s just facts. People only buy it to flex to their friends about their new Gucci belt that they found on Gucci is also extremely tacky, just go to Old Navy if you’re looking for clothes”. As you can see, Madison is not quite the fan of Gucci, but she is not alone. In 2017, a popular rapper by the name of lil Pump released a song titled “Gucci Gang.” The lyrics consisted of the rapper mumbling the words gucci gang repeatedly. This caused many people to become annoyed with the phrase, leaving many to not like the brand itself.


The Gucci family had a lot of drama in the 70’s. My parents went to see it over Thanksgiving break. I wanted to go with them ,but they said no.  Pretty much, the movie talks about how Guccio Gucci’s wife, Patricia, killed him in order to inherit the Gucci fortune. Instead, she inherited 17 years of jail time. She didn’t get a life sentence because she technically didn’t do the killing; she hired someone else to do it.


 So that’s basically the summary of Gucci’s history. I do have to agree with Madison about Gucci being tacky. My grandma got me a pair of Gucci shoes a couple of years ago. I never wore them ,so I sold them on Ebay. I would have been embarrassed for myself if I was ever caught walking around in Gucci shoes. If you really want a designer, buy from Prada or Louis Vuitton. Gucci just aint it. It may have been it at some point like 50 years ago, but nowadays, it’s practically a meme. Honestly, just buy your clothes at Dollar General.