Flashback to Elementary School


Tegan Dugger, Staff Writer

 I recently went to my brother Sidney’s fifth-grade musical and it made me reminisce on my elementary years. There are so many things that happened in elementary school. I went to Dover South until 4th grade when I switched to Dover East. My sister Maise Dugger, a senior at Dover High School who went to Dover south elementary has this to say about South, “South is where all the country kids went. There weren’t any cliques, everyone was friends with everyone and that’s what I miss about elementary.” This is true, South had a different atmosphere about it. Some fond memories stem from gym class. They used to pull out those wheely seats and everyone went ham. Track and field day was insane. I used to always do the long jump. I was not good at it by any means but somehow I always got first, until one year. I ended up getting second place instead of first and it was a massive ego hit. Second grade was very fun, I was put in a very good class that year. There was kind of a social hierarchy in elementary, AR points. AR points were points you received after reading a book and taking a test on it. If you actually read the book, then you would know the answers to the questions and receive points. I very rarely took a test on a book I actually read. I’d just choose a random book to be tested on because I needed points for that turkey charm. I had a friend who would read the whole book series and then take a test on them and end up with hundreds of points. It got to a point where he had to attach two chains together to fit all of his AR charms. Not only would you receive charms for your AR points, but there would also be donut parties for those who had a certain amount. I never had the least amount of AR points, but I definitely did not have a lot. There were kids with hundreds upon hundreds of points who walked through the halls like they owned the place, as they should have. It’s funny because my mom used to get on me about making sure I had enough points for an upcoming donut party, but my brother on the other hand. As of right now, Sid has two AR points, and my mom has just accepted it. We are this far into the year and he only has two, like you almost have to try to get a number that low. My mom recently asked him about when they were having their next AT party and he just responded with “I’m not going.” So yeah, AR points… 


   In second grade my friend bit up an expo marker. He literally ate it. That whole year was crazy. We had the second grade play where we had to sing a song of ASOP, it was lit. When I moved to East, the only issue was that I grew increasingly bad at math. I ended up with a tutor because of how bad I was. Anyways, those are some memories from elementary. I miss elementary, but at the same time, it was crazy that I’m glad I’m done.