The Stigma of Makeup


Kami Huff, Staff Writer

Makeup has been around for many generations. From ancient Egyptians to Marilyn Monroe all the way to Nikkie de Jager (NikkieTutorials), makeup has certainly turned heads over the years. Nowadays, the beauty and makeup artistry world is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Thousands of people have artistically expressed themselves using makeup, while others simply use makeup as a confidence-booster. A lot of people use makeup just because using it can be fun!

In modern times, the possibilities are endless when it comes to makeup. As represented on the British television show GlowUp, makeup artists, or MUAs, for short, now have the ability to use a person’s face as a canvas and perform a complete artistic transformation that takes talent as well as “precision and symmetry.” In comparison to the first days of makeup, there are almost endless possibilities in the makeup world now, including special effects makeup and sci-fi makeup. Just as different artists such as Picasso or Riverra have different techniques, each MUA has their own unique twist to their makeup artistry style.

Now, while makeup artistry is quite beneficial for those with a true talent in the subject, most of us are not looking to become the world’s biggest MUA. Sometimes, people use makeup just for enjoyment. Others may find the aspect of makeup application to be calming. Many may even feel more confident while wearing makeup. This is where the controversy regarding the topic comes into play.

The world often has a muddy perspective on the word “beauty” and how it should be portrayed. Modern society tends to have a superficial view of what is considered beautiful and what is not. Unfortunately, this ties into makeup, causing makeup to be viewed negatively and its original intent compromised. Outsiders often say that people who choose to wear makeup are the superficial ones, but what they fail to realize is that their overall impression of what beauty is is tainted themselves, or else they would not care whether or not another person applies foundation to their skin or mascara to their eyelashes.

The term beautiful is not designed to be a one-size-fits-all term. Beauty is the most versatile concept in English literature. True beauty shines from one’s heart, not from one’s face. Therefore, no matter what color, what size, what age, what height, or what one’s physical appearance reflects, beauty can be found in everyone. 

 Making the choice to wear or not to wear makeup should not be about superficial traits. For example, one should not wear makeup because they fear other’s opinions about themselves. That being said, feeling self conscious sometimes is absolutely okay; however, how we pull through to confidence is what is important (for some, makeup does this!). On the flip side, individuals should not avoid makeup because they fear others will think they have a superficial mindset. The intentions of makeup have always been to enhance the beauty that is already found in everyone. No one needs makeup, because every person is beautiful in their own way. 

Society tends to put up many unrealistic stigmas regarding makeup. If someone wears makeup to their liking, they may be called inappropriate, rude terms about how they are promiscuous. Then, that same person may wear no makeup and be told they need to wear some makeup. Nothing is ever good enough to modern society regarding the amount of makeup one wears. The stigmas fail to point out there should be no “happy medium,” and however a person chooses to dress or apply makeup is a personal choice that does not involve other aspects of their life. The negative, downgrading stigmas regarding makeup use should be stopped immediately. Together, people should uplift one another and encourage one another’s unique hobbies and joys instead of tearing one another down. 

Makeup artistry is a masterpiece in itself and should be considered as one. The transformation a person can create on the skin of a human is revolutionary and makeup techniques are constantly changing. The point is, whether you are a world-renowned makeup artist or someone who doesn’t care for makeup, beauty comes from the heart and soul. Superficial products are for ourselves, not for anyone else. Let your light shine, no matter what the world says!