The Hottest of the Hottest

Red Event Carpet, Stair and Gold Rope Barrier Concept of Success and Triumph

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Red Event Carpet, Stair and Gold Rope Barrier Concept of Success and Triumph

Lauren Grafe and Eric Lanzer



 I ranked these girls based on their features and what I find attractive in women such as hair, facial structure, etc. 


1) Margot Robbie (Actress 31 years old) 


She is the highest on the list because of her eyes, hair, and facial structure.


2) Zendaya (Actress 25 years old) 


She has nice skin, hair, she’s giving and has a caring personality.


3) Beyonce (Singer/Rapper 40 years old) 


She is very fit. I like her music, and I have had a crush on her since I was young


4) Samantha Logan (Actress 25 years old) 


 She appears younger than her actual age and has nice hair, good teeth, and nice lips.


5) Millie Bobby Brown (Actress 18 years old) 


 She is around my age, and she has a nice smile.


6) Jessica Lucas (Actress 36 years old) 


She is fit, has a defined collar bone, nice hair and smile.


7) Emma Watson (Actress 32 years old) 


She is a kind, caring, genuine person with a beautiful smile, nice hair, and she appears in Harry Potter. 


8) Rihanna (Singer 34 years old) 


I like her music, hair and nice skin.


9) Scarlett Johansson (Actress 37 years old) 


She is fit, funny and upbeat. She has nice hair and lips. 


10) Emma Stone (Actress 33 years old) 


She has a nice smile. She is a flirt and has nice hair. 




I ranked guys of all ages based on their attractiveness. Some guys are higher up because of their eye color, hair, and they are very fit.


1) Zac Efron (Actor-34 years old)


He is the highest on this list because he has pretty eyes and has good hair. I’ve had a crush on him, forever.


2) Chris Hemsworth (Actor-38 years old)


He has very nice hair and is attractive in his movies.


3) Michael B. Jordan (Actor-35 years old)


No explanation needed.


4) Shawn Mendes (Singer-23)


His hair is attractive, and he has a beautiful smile.


5) Nick Jonas (Singer-29 years old)


I like his sense of style, and his hair is always perfect.


6) Tom Holland (Actor-25 years old)


He is young and has curly hair.


7) Ryan Gosling (Actor-41 years old)


Gosling has pretty eyes, and his voice is attractive.


8) Timothée Chalamet (Actor-26 years old)


His curly hair is charming.


9) Cole Sprouse (Actor-29 years old)


I found him very attractive in Riverdale, and he has perfect hair.


10) Noah Beck (Tiktok star-20 years old)


Noah is fit and has a pretty smile.