Looking For A Great Way To Spend Your Time? Try Golf!


Photos by Tatum Tylke

Addison Smitley and Tatum Tylke

Consider Golf:

Why would anyone want to play golf? That’s a recurring question that many think about when offered the chance to join the game. People believe that golf is a boring sport, but it can be quite fun. Although golf is a physical sport, it is a mostly mental game. You have to accept the bad shots and move on, and sure it sounds easy, but it’s quite hard. So why would anyone want to play if some days you hate it, and some days you love it? We’ve asked some girls on the Dover High School Golf team their opinions on the subject of their sport.

Why should people join?

While there are reasons that you may not find golf suitable, many people who do play the sport have some reasons why you may find something beneficial in playing it. For example, Piper Olson remarked, “People should join golf because it teaches them a skill for when they’re older. They can use it in their jobs and whatever field they decide to go in, especially business or sales. It is one of the very few sports that you can play when you’re old.” While another player, Izzy Lint, stated, “You get to connect with new people, make new friends and it’s such a fun activity, you make lifelong friends.” Another team member, Riley Schie, commented that “It gets you involved with the school because you’ll meet different people, like, some people are in charge of different activities throughout the school, like the student section gets the word out. You meet upperclassmen that will get you involved in other activities. It’s just a fun experience that will bring you into high school.” While that might not have changed your mind, there are many other reasons for you to play golf.

Why do you play golf?

While opinions vary, there is one reason to play that everyone should agree on; golf is a universal, relaxing sport that you can enjoy at any age. When asked why she played golf, Piper Olson stated, “I golf because it’s fun and it is very competitive, not only against other people but against yourself. It’s very relaxing to come outside and listen to nature, be in nature.” Riley Schie’s view on the matter is, “I’ve done it since I was probably 3 years old. My family was big into golf, my mom went to college for it, so I just continued on, playing it as just a fun sport.” While these are very compelling points, I understand you still may not be completely convinced, as you continue to read on, you may change your mind.

What are the benefits of golf?

Along with the sport being fun, relaxing and many other things, you can also gain a lot of other things from it. For example, Coach Miller went on to tell us, “There are endless benefits to golf, if you want to talk about just how it develops your character, you know, it teaches you teamwork, ethics, etiquette, there’s just a period to build relationships with teammates, and competitors. It’s like no other sport, to where it’s so challenging emotionally, mentally, physically. Put all those things together and it’s just- addicting, because you want to play, and you want to get better. I think it just teaches so many things for young adults, especially for high school players, because again, it’s a time that you need to have, you know, structures for character, for ethics and just, you know, overall honesty is a big thing too, so all those things, you know- are all why this sport becomes one of the best sports, in my opinion.” Once you master your emotions and how well you play, you can’t help but love golf. It’s very much addicting, as Coach Miller said.

What are new opportunities that you can gain if you play?

A lot of people assume you join sports because you find them interesting or fun. Well, golf can bring you many opportunities.
Piper Olson stated that “You can make new friends because you spend a lot of time out on the golf course with these people, and you can also get scholarship money to pay for your education.” Golf, like other sports, gives you the opportunity to have a scholarship. Though, if you are a female, you are more likely to get a scholarship for college, because not as many girls play golf.


And lastly, an interview with Coach Spradling.

If not many of you know, Coach Spradling is a former football coach and a beloved teacher at Dover High School. We did a personal interview on why he decided to longer follow the path of football, he went on to state, “Golf is always a sport that I loved. It was something that I fell in love with, with my grandpa, and I always enjoyed going out with him and having a good time. I have two daughters now, they seem to be interested in golf themselves. It’s something that I can have fun with and enjoy; the way I did with my grandpa when he was younger. That’s why I chose to do it, and I just love the sport, so, I mean, I really do”, Coach Spradling adds a sentimental value that we hope many others will be able to find when they acquire their true calling. Hopefully, after this very compelling article,  that is Golf.

So, if nothing else, at least try golf. Borrow some clubs from a family member or a close friend, and hit some golf balls at the range. You might enjoy it, I mean, whacking a club at an innocent ball on the ground might be fun, and if not, that’s okay. There are many sports to play, but at least in golf there isn’t a ball heading toward your head, and if there is, you’ll hear “FORE!”.