The Art of College Football Jersey Design

Eric Lanzer, Co-Editor in Chief

My Top 5 NCAA Football Uniforms 2022 Season

  1. North Carolina Tar Heels – The baby blue jerseys with the baby blue logo and white pants with a different style of embroidering look really clean for the Tar Heels. I like how they use white for the numbers and outline them with black to really make the numbers pop. Blue is also one of my favorite colors, and I think the Tar Heels do baby blue justice.
  1. NC State – I really tend to like all NCAA Football teams’ blackout uniforms, and NC State’s blackout uniform is really nice. The helmet is my favorite part of the uniform with the Wolfpack logo. The design on the shoulders with the white is clean as are the numbers and letters on the uniform. They are higher than North Carolina because their blackout uniforms are nicer, and they have really nice all-red uniforms as well. Plus, all their helmets have the Wolfpack logo which I love.

      3. Tennessee Volunteers – Tennessee has my second favorite blackout uniform. I love black pants with a black uniform. The orange numbers really pop with the all-black uniform and pants. I really like the white helmet with the orange and black stripes on top. The pants are really nice with the double orange stripes. I also like their white jersey combination with orange pants. The orange jerseys with the white pants are also really nice. The reason they aren’t higher is that their all-gray uniforms are lackluster.

  1. The Ohio State Buckeyes – Ohio State’s all-black uniforms are an absolute classic. The all-black uniforms from head to toe are so nice to look at. They are simple, yet, they are so eye-catching. The red pops with the all-black, and the grayish-white on the helmet adds more details to really good uniforms. Ohio State is ranked this high because they also have really nice red uniforms with a red jersey and red pants. They have old-school-style helmets with Buckeye stickers on the top. They are absolute classic jerseys. The reason the Buckeyes aren’t ranked one is that I prefer the next team’s color over red.                          


  1. Oregon Ducks – Wow, just look at those uniforms. The helmets are so slick. I prefer the green helmets over the yellow helmets, but the yellow helmets are still solid. The all-green jerseys with yellow numbers and the all-green pants are my favorite uniforms in college football. The white jerseys with green accents on the shoulders with the green pants are my second favorite uniforms in college football. The yellow uniforms are okay. They aren’t awful, but I am not a big fan of yellow.