One Month Down, Eight More to Go!


Tegan Dugger, Staff Writer

 Can you believe it? We are already over a month into the school year. I don’t know where the time has gone, but it feels like last week was summer break. Now we’ve gotten through homecoming. We have completed the first of a nine month, 282 day school year, and quite a lot has already gone on. Fall sports are midway through their seasons, unless you play tennis. Speaking of which, I asked Dover tennis player Taylor Rose what her thoughts were on tennis already being over, and this is what she had to say, “I’m really glad the season is over because now I have more time to myself, but I’ll definitely miss it.” Football games have been a massive hit this year, and the Dover Phila game this week. Cross Country is taking up all of my time, but it’s been worth it since I get to hang out with the team. The girls soccer team is having a way better season this year. Overall, fall sports have been going well.

     The beginning of this school year was filled with some controversial changes regarding phones. At the beginning, students were upset and mad about the change. However, at this point, I haven’t heard nearly as many people talking about it, so I guess people have adjusted to it. 

    Teachers are beginning to pile on the work. Sports combined with school work and chores, results in me having no free time. I guess that’s just how the beginning and the end of the school year goes. I have talked to some freshmen on the cross team, and they said that they were shocked by just how much work they get assigned every night. Speaking of freshmen, they just experienced their first ever Homecoming. This year’s theme for Homecoming was an Enchanted Evening. The dance itself was pretty fun, although there wasn’t much dancing as per usual. Their is always a huge circle that forms in the middle of the dance floor, and it consists of people and their date standing very close to each other. Other than that, I had fun dancing with friends. 

   Now that we are approaching October, we are less than one hundred days away from Christmas. The beginning of the school year is always exciting because there are so many holidays to look forward to. Currently, girls are going crazy for pumpkin spice and taking insta pics in a pile of leaves. I’m excited for Halloween simply because I want to dress up as Dora the Explorer. Thanksgiving is in less than two months. After that, Christmas will be here before we know it. It really goes to show how fast the first half of the year goes by. Around Christmas time is when I usually work part time at Tis’ the Season in Berlin. My job is to pretty much to be an elf because I wrap up what people purchase. 

     Some people have experienced changes regarding siblings going off to college this year. My sister, Maisie, is a freshman at Ohio Wesleyan University this year. The longest we had been apart before she left was less than two weeks. It is very weird not having her around for everything. Most siblings would view this as a plus, but I really enjoyed having my sister available at all times. She gave me rides everywhere and made school dances lit. Ever since she went to college, our cat Hewie spiraled into a deep depression. I asked Maisie what she missed and didn’t miss the most about high school. This is what she had to say, “The thing I miss most about high school was hearing that beautiful bell ring when class was over. I don’t miss being called Macy, it’s Maisie!”  It seems like Maise is glad that she is out of high school. 

   It’s hard to believe the school year is only a month in. We have a long, long way to go. Although it just started, a lot has gone on. I’m excited to see what happens next.