Should I Buy an Electric Vehicle?


Dylan Grewell, Staff Writer

A big discussion in today’s world is electric cars and whether or not you should have one. Electric vehicles have many benefits, but also a lot of disadvantages. Thanks to Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of tesla is a huge reason electric cars are how they are. Teslas are the most popular electric out right now. They are very unique-looking cars, but don’t let that lead you on. Teslas can be a pain to have because of trying to find charging stations. When you do find a charging station, it can take up to almost an hour to charge your tesla. You can get your own personal charger for your home. The problem with that is it takes way longer. The standard charger for a tesla takes 20-40 hours to charge your car at home. Now, there are better options which are the AC level 2 which takes 8-12 hours, and of course, you can get a supercharger, so it only takes 15-25 minutes to charge. The downfall is it costs money to charge your tesla, and the faster the charger you have the more money it costs. For example, the Tesla Model X costs roughly 23 dollars to fully charge it using the supercharger. Another pro to electric cars is it’s better for the environment. Most people say that is why we should have electric cars because it is better for the environment. It doesn’t give off emissions that gas-powered cars do. Electric cars are better for the environment and our surroundings because of no emissions given off. 

Some questions people have are if it is cheaper to charge an electric car rather than to fill up your gas-powered car with gasoline. The answer to that is yes, you save a good amount of money. Especially recently because of the high gas prices. It costs around $40-$50 to fill up a gas tank nowadays. One of the big pros of electric cars are vehicles is the low maintenance needs of the car. They don’t need much maintenance because they are electric and everything does not need to be changed or fixed compared to gas-powered cars. They need weekly or monthly maintenance. It can be a hassle to always make appointments for your vehicles. That is definitely an advantage for electric cars. A huge disadvantage of electric cars is the “refueling” of them. It takes hours and hours to recharge the batteries on Ev’s. They also are very expensive and not cheap. The average electric car cost $66,000. That is very expensive for a vehicle to drive for 200-300 miles to then be recharged for 8-12 hours. That is the huge downfall of electric vehicles. 

There are many pros and cons to electric cars. Listed above are the main ones. Everyone has a different opinion about electric cars and whether or not they should buy one or stick to gas-powered cars. After the information given, I believe that electric vehicles are good and bad. Personally, I wouldn’t buy an electric car. As of now, I would stick with my gas-powered car for the reasons shown.