Top 5 Best Homecoming Dinner Ideas!


Photo by Adrien Olichon

Claire Giesey, Staff Writer

Homecoming dinners can be difficult to plan. You have to figure out what restaurant may work with your group’s budget, and how many people are going. Although timing can be difficult, figuring out what restaurant to go to will get your planning started! Here are my personal best places to go out to eat for homecoming dances in the future!


  1. Olive Garden

Olive Garden is an all-time favorite of mine! Their breadsticks and the atmosphere- as well as the time I have spent there- are treasured by both my family and I. In the context of homecoming? Well, with the closest Olive Garden being a bit over 30 minutes away, and the entrees being a little over $20 alone, it should be saved for birthdays or other special occasions, preferably when it won’t come out of your pocket.


  1. Texas Roadhouse

Now, some arguments as to why Texas Roadhouse is higher on this list than Olive Garden are valid. It has potential, but the atmosphere just isn’t right. It’s better for post-game dining or just regular family nights out. Usually, when thinking of dinners before homecoming, I try to think of time management. While it isn’t the fanciest place to eat, it is quicker than other restaurants and has a wide variety of foods to order, which is sure to satisfy anyone in your group. Though Olive Garden may be a better place for some fine dining, this country themed restaurant is closer and less expensive.

A former Dover student, when asked about this restaurant’s place on the list, had a very interesting opinion.

“I once went to homecoming with someone who would only eat chicken critters,” they stated, laughing. “So we went to Texas Roadhouse. Also, the rolls.”

Needless to say, I can agree with the roll’s statement.

  1. Grinders: Above and Beyond

Now Grinders has earned its spot on this list for its desserts. Though it’s not very much a fine dining restaurant, much like Texas Roadhouse, their pies, cakes, and other sweets are delicious! It’s higher on this list because of the distance, even if it’s only a few miles closer. All in all, delicious food, and an amazing place for some sweets!


  1. Pangrazio’s Pizza

Now this one was difficult. Pangrazio’s is, and always will be, another of my favorite restaurants, which was why it was a great competitor for the number one spot.The only reason this restaurant was not in the number one top place to eat was that it feels too much like a family restaurant. Yes, it has a perfect atmosphere, but something’s missing to make it great for a day like Homecoming. The distance is miniscule, and it has a comfortable, homely atmosphere. The food is incredible. Not to mention, it has a gumball machine where you can win free cheese bread! I highly recommend the chocolate cake!


     Honorable Mentions

Before we get to the number one place to eat for homecoming dinner, here are two honorable mentions that did not quite make the cut


        Your own home

Why? You can always eat at your own house. It’s much more fun to go out and eat at a restaurant!


        Wendy’s, McDonald’s, etc

If you went and ate inside one of these restaurants in formal homecoming dresses or other outfits, I would love to see it.


Now, for the number one place to eat homecoming dinner. The winner is… 

  1. Applebee’s!

Here it is! Applebee’s, to me, is the perfect place to go for homecoming dinner! Though it’s around 10 minutes away, I believe it’s worth it! It has the perfect atmosphere, great food, and for people such as kids that have been in musicals or plays at Dover High School, great memories that have been and will be made! They also have decent prices, so if you’re paying out of your pocket, it’s the perfect plan!

This is my opinion, so make fun of me as much as you like. But if you’re eating at home or out in Canton, I hope homecoming was fun and memorable for everyone. And, though homecoming has come and gone, if you can’t decide where to eat before this annual date or even prom, remember that this list is always here to help!