Benefits of Animals

Taylor Rose, Staff Writer

Many people need something consistent in their lives that makes them happy. I can think of one specific thing that would make almost anyone smile at the thought of them: pets. Having pets has many benefits because not only are they cute, but it’s proven that they also can help emotionally. You might know someone that has a pet as an emotional support animal or a pet that just makes them happy. Either way, animals help in many different ways and, believe it or not, bring happiness to people. 

Studies have shown that dogs are the most common emotional support animal. Seeing dogs running around outside or even chasing something their owner threw can release a chemical called serotonin. Serotonin is also known as the “happiness hormone;”  it sounds just like the name. When you’re happy, it’s serotonin being released from your body. However, many animals can make humans happy; that’s just the most common.

College students are more likely to get an emotional support animal. Animals are often used to help people with medical conditions or disabilities. They are called “Service Dogs.” They are highly trained to recognize and alert their owners when needed. Service dogs have essential tasks, whether it’s retrieving items for people with mobility issues, or guiding people with visual impairments. However, as cute as they are, other people have to remember that they are working. 

Animals provide humans with valuable friends, and it is a special bond between humans and an animal. Dogs specifically can be really helpful for older people because they require attention and exercise. Older people having a dog benefits them because dogs acquire exercise; therefore, they might go on walks which is convenient for older people because they also get exercise.

It’s not just dogs that can be a person’s best friend, it can be a lot of other animals. Another common one is cats they provide company to people and are low-maintenance and independent animals. Some people might prefer cats over dogs and vice versa. They also help keep houses and yards rodent-free. Studies have shown that cats can lower people’s stress levels and give a sense of security and calmness.

I asked sophomore Addie Worst, “Do you think having a dog would benefit you? If so, how?” Her response was “Dogs do benefit people because pets can become people’s best friends. Sometimes people do not want to talk to other individuals but having a dog can help them through their emotions by either talking with their dogs or snuggling with them. Animals bring me happiness all the time”.

I also asked sophomore Olivia Lewis the same question, and her response was, “Yes they do. Dogs are amazing companions and can always manage to put a smile on someone’s face whether one is a ‘dog’ or ‘cat’ person. They’re great listeners when you’re upset, a small dose of a company when you’re alone, and protection whenever something might be wrong. It can all depend on a person’s preference in animals, and what they like but overall, animals’ personalities and their company bring happiness to people”.

Overall, animals can have a big impact on humans. We take care of them, while they take care of us in a way. Emotional support animals can also be a big benefit to students under pressure in school or for anxiety. Animals are so smart and can even be trained for specific things. I think we should give more thanks to animals for the impact they have on humans.