NFL Overview


Dylan Grewell, Staff Writer

The NFL is almost halfway through the season. Teams have played around 7 or 8 games. It has been a very interesting season, so far, with a lot of upsets and close games that have fans biting their nails. This year, the NFL has been very fun to watch, and it’s not even close to being over. 

To start off, this NFL season there is only one remaining undefeated team left in the league, and that team would be the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are 8-0 and they look amazing this season. Jalen Hurts has become a star quarterback, and he is connecting passes with new Eagles addition A.J Brown. A.J Brown has proved to be a top receiver in the league since the Eagles picked him up in a trade. They are leading the NFC conference, but the Vikings aren’t far behind. Sitting at 6-1 the Vikings have turned their team around. Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson are one of the top QB and WR duos in the league, but let’s not forget about that defense. The Vikings defense is giving up about a little over 20 points a game. They are playing solid and helping the team win some games. They aren’t done yet. For example, yesterday, the NFL had the trade deadline. Right before the deadline ended, they picked up a top Tight End in the league in T.J Hockenson. The Vikings got 2 draft picks for Hockenson. A big surprise in the NFL this year is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are standing at an ugly 3-5 and tied for 2nd in their division behind the Atlanta Falcons. Tom Brady is in his 23rd year in the NFL. Teams are finally catching on to him, but part of that reason is because of the coaching change. Bruce Arians retired in the past off season and Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles has taken over. People are definitely not happy with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and they will have to figure out quickly if they want a chance at the playoffs. The NFC standings are very surprising and different from years prior. They go as in the Eagles, Vikings, Seahawks, Falcons, Cowboys, Giants, and the 49ers.

The AFC on the other hand is more of a tight race for the top. There are no undefeated teams in the AFC, and there are also some surprises on this side of the league. The best team in the AFC is the Buffalo Bills with a 6-1 start to the season. The Buffalo Bills have a complete team and a MVP candidate in their Josh Allen. Behind Patrick Mahmoes, Josh Allen is a top QB in the AFC, and he is leading his team to a great start so far. Allen has 19 touchdowns and 6 interceptions this season. Allen has added 306 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns, but let’s not forget about that defense. The Bills defense has been causing problems all year. They are only allowing an outstanding 14 points a game. Their defense has been top notch all year, and if it continues, they are the team to beat. Not far behind them are the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are sitting at the top of their division, and they are 2nd in the AFC with a 5-2 record. When you have Patrick Mahomes on your team, you’re going to win games. He is arguably the best quarterback in the league and is a front runner for MVP with 20 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Mahomes is still putting up great numbers as he lost his best target in Tyreek Hill. The 3rd best team in the AFC, and the AFC South division leader is the Tennessee Titans. The Tennessee Titans have a record of a solid 5-2 through the first 7 games on the season. Most people had money on the Indianapolis Colts to win the division after they acquired Matt Ryan from the Atlanta Falcons, but the Titans have other plans. The Titans added a very talented receiver in Treylon Burks. They drafted him in the first round, and he replaced A.J Brown that they lost in the offseason. I wouldn’t let the Titans fool you because they have a -6 point differential. They are only averaging 18 points a game on offense and defense. They are a team that their record is better than they actually are, and they control their own destiny for the rest of the season.

Next up are going to be some predictions on the NFL playoffs and how the end of the season plays out. Starting with the NFC, I have the eagles finishing as the 1 seed with a 15-2 record. They will have a first round bye and play the lowest remaining seed in the next round. Coming in at the 2 seed, I have the Minnesota Vikings with a 12-5 record, and they are matching up against the 7 seed which is a division rival, The Green Bay Packers, who had a 10-7 record. I’m going to take the Vikings, and I think they will handle business and move on to the next round of the playoffs. The next game is the 3 seed Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs the New York Giants. The Bucs came in with a 9-8 record which was good enough to win their division. The Giants on the other hand have a 12-5 record which wasn’t good enough to win their division. Despite the records, I’m going to take the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a very close game to move on to the next round. The last first round matchup for the NFC side of the bracket is the 4 seed Seattle Seahawks vs the 5 seed Dallas Cowboys. The Seahawks step in this matchup with a 9-8 record, and the Cowboys come in with a 13-4 record. Dallas is the best wildcard team by far, and I think they are going to be too much to handle for the Seattle Seahawks. The Dallas Cowboys will move on to face the first seed Eagles. Next round in the NFC side are Eagles vs Cowboys and the Buccaneers vs Vikings. In the first game, I’m going to go with the Eagles in an intense divisional matchup placing them in the NFC Championship game. The Vikings vs Bucs is going to be a fun game to watch. Tom Brady is going for his 8th Super Bowl, but I think the Minnesota Vikings stop him and take the W this time. That leaves the Eagles vs Vikings in the NFC Championship. This game is going to be crazy with 2 young coaches and teams going at it. I think the Jalen Hurts era has started in Philadelphia, and they will make the Super Bowl. 

Now with the AFC side of things, this division is always a little easier to predict because most teams don’t change it up and keep it the same year by year. The number 1 seed in the AFC will be the Kansas City Chiefs. They will have a 15-2 record by winning out the last 10 games of the season. They have a bye and will play the lowest remaining seed in the next round. The 2nd seed in the AFC is no other than the Buffalo Bills with a 14-3 record. They will match up against the 7 seed New England Patriots who just barely made it to the postseason with a 9-8 record. I have the Buffalo Bills winning this game with ease. The next game is a divisional game as the 3 seed Baltimore Ravens who finished the season 12-5 will take on the 6 seed Cleveland Browns who finish the season 9-8. The Browns have won 6 out of the last 9 thanks to Quarterback Deshaun Watson returning from Suspension. However, I don’t think Watson will be enough to lift the Browns past the Ravens, and I have the Ravens winning this one. The final first round matchup in the AFC is the 4 seed Tennessee Titans who struggled to end the season, but still managed to make the playoffs and win their division with a 9-8 record. They will match up against the best wild card team, who is the 5 seed Miami Dolphins who had a great 12-5 season. I don’t think this game will be close as the Miami Dolphins move on to the next round to take on the Kansas City Chiefs. This is where things get interesting. The Chiefs have been so hot and on a roll, and the bye week will hurt them. Miami is coming off a big win, and they upset the number 1 seed Chiefs. That will put the 5 seed Dolphins in the AFC Championship game. The 2 seed Buffalo Bills and the 3 seed Baltimore Ravens will face off to meet the Miami Dolphins in the AFC Championship. This is going to be a Nail Biter, and I think the Buffalo Bills Defense will be the reason they win this game. They will move on to take on their division rival Miami Dolphins. The AFC Championship game will be another good one, but I dont think Miami will have what it takes to bring down the Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen and that defense will be too much for Miami as their good run will come to an end. The Buffalo Bills will make it to the Super Bowl. This year’s Super Bowl is the 57th Super Bowl in NFL history, and it will be played in Glendale, Arizona where the Arizona Cardinals play. Super Bowl LVII will include the Philadelphia Eagles, as they represent the NFC. Representing the AFC will be the Buffalo Bills. This has potential to be one of the best Super Bowls that we’ve seen in a long time. I have Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills winning their first ever Super Bowl!