My Christmas Traditions


Sydney McCabe, Staff Writer

Traditions: one of my favorite parts of the holiday season! From baking to decorating, sledding, and unwarranted snowball fights; it’s what makes this time of year so special and merry. In this article, I’ll talk about my family’s personal traditions and why they’re the best part of Christmas.

First up, and one of my favorites is making puppy chow. I’ve never had puppy chow better than my homemade kind. I’ve tried other people’s recipes and the storebought kind but they can’t ever compare. Every year over break my mom, my brother, sometimes my cousin, and I make puppy chow. The process is fun, it doesn’t take very long, and you get a delicious treat after! What’s not to love?

Next,  we decorate the tree. Not being as fun as making puppy chow, sometimes it just feels like a chore. Keeping the dog away and perfectly placing each ornament and bow. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, it just feels like it has to be done. We’re not a family that has a whole big tree-decorating day.

Then there are wrapping gifts. I love wrapping gifts. I don’t know why but I always have. I like to be helpful and pick things out for people when I know they’ll love them.

Hanging up lights outside is fun because my mom and I like to laugh and turn it in too something fun.

Christmas light hunting is also a yearly tradition my family partakes in. We put on our PJs, get hot chocolate from Circle K, and drive all over town and the surrounding areas looking for the best, biggest, and brightest light displays.

I’m grouping these together but Christmas songs and movies, my personal favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone 2 and my current favorite Christmas song is White Christmas.

The worst Christmas movie is The Grinch, I don’t care which version, they’re both terrible. I like the song about the Grinch but not the book or movies. I’ve always found them repulsive for some reason.

Then, of course, there’s Christmas day! Opening gifts with my mom, brother, and dog. Stockings first, then gifts. After we open all the gifts we hang out for a while and then head to my grandma’s house to open gifts with my family, have brunch or appetizers, and have lots of fun! My grandma usually makes the whole family wear matching Christmas PJs too, if not, my mom, brother, and I match anyways.

Snow, if it doesn’t snow it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. I love a nice thick soft unbroken layer of perfectly white snow covering everything when I wake up.

I’d also like to mention New Years’ too, I love NYE. I like staying up late and watching all the stupid countdowns and performances, playing games, and eating good food. I also love drinking sparkling cider to celebrate.

All in all, if it wasn’t for Christmas and all its traditions it wouldn’t be such a special time of year. I look forward to celebrating the next Christmas as soon as the current one passes.