My Unqualified Opinion on Winter Fashion Trends


Disclaimer! The point of this article is not to prevent one from wearing a certain article of clothing, but rather to provide an additional opinion on popular trends. This being said, if something in this article tickles your fancy, by all means, let your fancy be tickled. 


Mini skirts- Although cute, mini skirts are so impractical that they make me question the consciousness of those who choose to wear them. Not only is there a possibility of behind exposure but additional proper precautions must be taken in order to prevent a quite revealing mishap. Diesel took an interesting take on the trend by creating a velcroed belt-skirt. Being one size only, this atrocity could only possibly be worn by small children. This being said, there is something about a mini skirt that makes the child in me happy. So, if you find a skirt that fancies your inner child as well, I say, go for it! 


Black on Black- Ever since the premiere of the new Netflix series Wednesday, I have noticed a rise in the amount of dutch braids and monochromatic, black attire. I truly enjoy that the show has encouraged many to step out of their comfort zones and try different styles. However, it is frustrating to think that it took an entire series with Jenna Ortega to make people more accepting of different styles. Everyone loves to put Wednesday on a pedestal, but the truth is, if someone were to dress like her in real life, she would get bullied without a doubt. Remember, it is easy to respect what others wear, even if you wouldn’t wear it yourself. 


Parachute pants-  I am 50/50 on this one. Although I have seen them styled well, I am unsure about the practicality of their oversized nature. Don’t get me wrong, I always appreciate an oversized piece, but at what point does something become TOO oversized? My rule of thumb is, if the pants fall to your ankles without a belt, maybe try to size down. 


Corset tops- Here is where things get controversial. I am prepared to anger an entire generation of college girls with this one. Let me preface by saying, I love corset tops. I love bringing antique fashion trends and patterns into the modern industry. Although there is a very specific top sold by Urban Outfitters that is blowing all other corset tops out of the water. Not only is this top severely overpriced, but it is also almost always worn with the most disgraceful of pants. Nothing angers me more than when I see an incredible, intricately made corset with beautiful details paired with none other than a pair of Hollister blue jeans. We can do better, people! There are so many other beautiful corset tops on the market, I encourage you to branch out and try something new! 


Blazer jackets- I have recently seen a lot of looks where a casual outfit of a white t-shirt and jeans will be “dressed up” with a colorful blazer and a pair of kitten heels. Maybe this is just me, but I am not a fan of pairing eccentric formal pieces with everyday, casual loungewear. Although the versatility is convenient, it feels like a cheap way to hide one’s personal style. On the same note, we as a generation are so used to dressing down for day-to-day life, we have grown afraid of the possibility of being overdressed. God forbid someone calls you a try-hard. We need to get over it! Don’t be afraid to dress up for yourself. Try wearing a skirt to school, or if you are feeling crazy, maybe wear the entire suit set instead of just the jacket!


Cut-out clothing- “The first thing I think of is Regina George,” says Crimsonian member Hannah Locke when asked about her opinion on cut-out clothing, and I couldn’t agree more! This trend instantly brings back the cutout shoulder trend that people now would consider “chuegy”. I don’t understand why companies have decided on ruining perfectly good, staple pieces of clothing by randomly cutting out chunks of fabric. If you are like me and value longevity and practicality in your wardrobe, skip out on the cut-out clothing trend. 


Ballet core- It is easy to overlook the strange nature of this trend because of the cute ballet aesthetic. But imagine if we were to do this with any other sport- equestrian core, fencing core, basketball core- sounds weird, right? We also owe the rise in leg warmers to ballet core, which is an entirely different discussion. While I appreciate leg warmers in a cozy winter setting, the whole ballet getup just to go sit at a coffee shop seems to be a little overkill. 


Sweater vests- This trend has been in circulation for over 3 years now. Now becomes the time when the vests can either become out-of-style, or they can become a staple piece in the wardrobes of many. Here are my thoughts. Sweater vests have already been popular among many specialized groups, country club mothers, and elderly men, it’s not impossible for them to be adjusted to fit the young adults of America as well. I am not particularly a fan of the poor quality, cropped, overly-colorful vests carried by fast fashion companies, but I can easily get behind a more versatile piece made of higher quality fibers such as wool or cashmere. 


Loafers – I think we owe 100% of the growing popularity of loafers due to the one, the only, Emma Chamberlain. I think this shoe, although trendy, has the opportunity to become a lot-time closet staple for many. A good loafer is incredibly versatile; It can be comfortably worn by people that like to dress both masculine and feminine, and it gives those with a more formal work dress code the ability to stay on-trend. It may not be your cup of tea, but if it is, I highly recommend Doc Martens for a durable pair of shoes. 

Platform uggs- Do I own a pair of mini uggs? Yes. Are they the comfiest pair of shoes I have ever owned? Yes. Do I still think that platform uggs are incredibly ugly and an abomination to the entire fashion industry? Yes. Like many, I opt for the platform version of the shoe when available. I love the feeling of being able to tower over some of my male counterparts. However, something about an Ugg is meant for it to be as low to the ground as possible. This may be different if creators would put even the slightest bit of effort into creating a more unique sole, but unfortunately, they didn’t. Instead, the platform Ugg is sold with a 2-inch block of rubber. In addition to the outrageous price and next-to-impossible cleaning process, this shoe should be considered a crime.