Rating my Christmas Traditions


Addison Smitley, Staff Writer

Everyone has different traditions for the Holidays, so I thought it would be fun to rate some of my traditions and give some commentary on them. As a family of 8, it can get a little hectic, especially when opening presents. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my ratings and learning about my Christmas traditions!


Watching a movie on Christmas eve- 10/10 

It’s a fun time. Sometimes we watch Christmas movies, sometimes we don’t. You’re not required to stay up till 12 but we all challenge ourselves anyway. Plus, everyone has to help wrap the others’ presents if my parents didn’t wrap some of them yet. 


Waking up – 4/10

 I’m always groggy. I need to sleep past 10 every day to ensure that I feel well-rested no matter what. Usually, one of my older brothers will knock on everyone’s door at around 6-8am, and make us stay up until our parents come downstairs to open presents.


Sitting around the tree- 9/10

 This part is always lively. I always sit in between my older sister and my younger brother. We usually bring down our pillows and blankets to ensure maximum comfort for the 1-2 hours we are about to endure sitting. Bonus if our dogs come and lay on us.


Being handed 1 present and opening it at the same time as everyone else- 4/10

 It always goes by SO SLOW!! My parents try to wrap each of our presents in different wrapping papers but it doesn’t always work so they try to decipher everything the morning of. Then, they have to pass everything out to 6 kids and ensure the presents are right. This takes up 99% of our morning so I’m not very fond of it


Neatly arranging our presents and taking photos- 5/10

 This is a great opportunity to show off. But it’s tedious, I have to make sure that both I and my presents look decent enough to be on camera. Then when we start taking photos, I have to make sure that none of my siblings or siblings’ presents are in the shot.


Setting up any new devices- 10/10

 Always so exciting to get new electronics, we usually designate it to one person, and it’s never me so I love this part!


Cleaning up/ putting our presents away- 9/10

 I like going through my presents again and finding space to put them. I’m not entirely sure why I like this part so much but my parents usually put on music while we do it so I’m not complaining


Family comes over to our house- 10/10

 Family time and we usually play games with them. Sometimes they bring extra presents or food but it’s never certain. Just a very fun time in general.


Going to my mamaw’s house for Christmas dinner- 10/10 

The food is delectable, my personal favorite is the mashed potatoes. That’s usually the only thing there that I eat so they always make sure to make extra just for me. It’s also great to see this side of my family, as they’re usually busy around holiday times.


Overall I would rate Christmas a 9/10. It’s a great holiday where I can enjoy spending time with my family, along with other things.