The Show That Overtook the Country… ”Wednesday”


Artwork by: Sheyla O’Donnell

Sheyla O’Donnell, Staff Writer



Her clunky, obsidian shoes crunched along the decaying leaves of Jerico’s hallowed wooded hills as her eyes looked around for any signs of suspicious activity. She rubbed the ever-changing silver necklace between her cold, poorly circulated fingers as she followed the monster. Everything was spiraling. People were falling into this insistent monster’s grimy grip and dying. Someone or something was killing innocent, or innocent enough in Wednesday’s eyes, and she was annoyed. She was not just annoyed; she was livid.

    Welcome to Jericho and Nevermore. Or, more formally known as the review of “Wednesday,” the smash hit that hit the screens the day before Thanksgiving. To begin, here are a few of my general ratings described through hearts, music notes, and stars:


General rating: ✰✰✰✰

Music rating: ♬♬♬♬

Romance rating: ♥♥♥

    Here are a few logistics before we begin: The show has gained 341.23 million hours viewed since airing on November 23rd. This marked a new record for the most hours an English-language series has earned on Netflix.


As the show started, I sat in my hotel room, hoping to use this series to cure my boredom. As Wednesday began to tour her new school, I fell in love with the aesthetic and dreariness of the upcoming story. Wednesday’s fashion throughout the entire show intrigued me continually, and I gasped when I saw the dress in the window.

    As we began to meet the students and faculty of Nevermore along with Wednesday, I immediately enjoyed the differing dynamics of everyone. I fell in love with Enid, and I thoroughly enjoyed the fencing scene between Bianca and Wednesday. That scene had me sitting on the edge of my seat, begging for Wednesday to win, though knowing that she wouldn’t win due to how early it was in the show.

    Let’s get this out in the open: I am a hopeless romantic. I make everything romantic. When a college sends me a letter saying they want me to attend their school, I find it romantic in some way. I occasionally see the world through rose-hued glasses. That being said, from the start, I fell in love with Tyler. I grinned at the sight of him, and every time he entered the screen, I would squeal. As the first episode dragged on, I worried that Wednesday might be forced into some strange love square with Xavier, Tyler, Rowan, and her. Thankfully? Gratefully? I’m not entirely sure how to word this. But as the episode slunk through the middle and end, I felt weary about Rowan. I was constantly yelling at the screen and screaming out the new suspect. My little detective brain was suspicious of every person, and it sure did help me throughout the series. Overall, in my inexperienced opinion, the first episode was a bit slow, and I give it a ⅗.

    As the show progressed, I fell increasingly in love with Tyler and EUGENE! Eugene is an avid bee lover and loner who became friends with Wednesday and became part of the hunt for the monster. He was quintessential in the development of Wednesday’s character and aided in the attempt to make her more humane to the viewers.

    Personally, I was ecstatic about the specific dance episode. I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout the episode. I thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday’s pop of flair during the episode. We began to see her flesh out as a character. She was an uninterested genius and often had a one-track mind. Everything was a bit peculiar, from the classroom scene with Xavier, where he had those suspicious markings on his neck, to him lurking around in the woods. As an amateur detective, this made me question everything I knew. I just knew it couldn’t be Xavier. There was something constantly pointing (unfortunately) to Tyler. But we’ll get there later. From Wednesday, looking through Xavier’s secret art lair, and then when she asked him to the dance, I was enthralled. I loved the fact that she asked him. Only for the Tyler and Wednesday scene; that made me so sad. It made up for it with the corsage and Thing writing a note. If I’m going to be completely honest, I have no clue how Tyler managed to believe Wednesday still wrote that letter if Thing wrote so flowery and poetically. Honestly, when the monster came out and attacked Eugene, my heart dropped. I was ready to throw the remote at my TV and never watch the show again. It was such a jump scare, but to be frank, I knew there was only trouble brewing once Eugene decided to go alone. Eugene has a special place in my heart, and I wish we were besties. I’m allergic to bees, but I would endure the potential death for him.

    During episodes five through seven, Wednesday’s parents come to town for Parents Weekend in episode five, and Wednesday quickly solves her father’s presumed murder. That episode was on the duller side, and I found a lull throughout though it promptly ramped back up. Episode seven introduced Uncle Fester, a character I began to enjoy. As a romantic, I took away some important things. The scene where the date took place was perfect. The fairy lights and Legally Blonde playing epitomizes my ideal date. My favorite movie is Legally Blonde, and I fell increasingly in love with Tyler. Thing getting stabbed stressed me out. My heartbeat ricocheted up and down, and just when I thought Thing had died, he came back to life.

    Though unfortunately, the romance soon died after that. That kiss…that kiss made me giddy and excited. There was a part of me that loathed the vision she had soon after, and another part of me that was incredibly proud. I had assumed Tyler to be the monster since the first episode when Rowan was slashed, no matter all the Red Herrings that pointed to Xavier.

    In my most unworthy opinion, Tyler deserves redemption. I know, a very, very controversial statement. However, they pointed out many clues to the characteristics of the Hyde. Even though Tyler began to show his loathing of Wednesday, and my hope for romance began to wither away, he was still constantly being manipulated by Ms. Thornhill…who also played Wednesday when she was younger! I think Ms. Thornhill manipulated Tyler so terribly that he began to genuinely believe that his cause was virtuous, and he really was struggling with the two sides of his character. I think he fell in love with Wednesday, and that moment in the police station when he revealed himself to Wednesday was the most confusing. We get sidetracked by his hostile and apathetic nature, yet we question whether his tears were fake or his “human” side truly peeked through.

    In summation, the show was impeccable. As a cellist, the cello playing was questionable at times. Though I thoroughly enjoyed “Paint it, Black.” The romance between Tyler and Wednesday was absolutely scrumptious up until the end of episode seven. If the directors continue with a romance between Wednesday and Xavier, I hope they choose to go the friends-to-lovers route, for there wasn’t much chemistry from the start. I can only imagine a romance brewing if it goes through seasons of slow-burning. I hope you enjoy me ranting about “Wednesday,” and it encourages your own pondering.