NBA 2K Video Game Rankings – The Ronnie 2K Disaster


Eric Lanzer, Co-Editor in Chief

NBA 2K Game Ratings 

I have played NBA 2K23, a basketball video game, since 2010.  Using my extensive experience with the game, I will rank the NBA 2K games starting from 2K18 all the way to 2K23.


  1. NBA 2K21- This game brought me no joy in life. I physically could not bring myself to play this game. The creators of the game changed all the mechanics of the game, especially the shot meter, and I was not a fan of the clunky gameplay. Not to mention, the park, where you play with other people in the game, was awful and hard to navigate. The water season on Fortnite dropped around the same time this game did, and I think I played Fortnite much more than I played 2K21. 


  1. NBA 2K22- Essentially, this game was the same copy-and-paste game of 2K21, and I rarely ever played MyCareer. I usually played MyLeague because the gameplay was still so clunky. The only reason it is rated higher is that I barely played this trash game, so I suffered less. 


  1. NBA 2K18- This game was really bad, but oddly enough, I had fun playing it. It was like one of my first 2K’s where I played MyCareer and played online, so I was awful at the game. However, I did have fun playing the league games on MyCareer and grinding to get my character better. I also made a really small point guard and did not realize what good builds were at the time. The graphics were awful, and the park was bad, but it had its good moments. 


  1. NBA 2K19- 2K19 is where the 2K games start getting good. 2K19 had many flaws, and many builds on MyCareer were overpowered in the park. My build was a small forward shot-creating slasher. This build would have been great if I was a point guard. However, I still played really well, and this game is where I started playing this with my friends, and I knew I was having fun and enjoying the gameplay. 


  1. NBA 2K23- The only reason this game is not #1 is because of the nostalgia #1 has. Honestly, I cannot really complain about 2K23. I play with my friends that I have played with since 2K19, and I finally have a build that can score everywhere on the court. All the game modes are perfect, and the park is fun again. They added bridge threes, which pairs you with random players in a threes game which is a great idea, especially if my friends are not playing at the same time I am. I love the idea of having multiple shot meters people can use with a relatively large window to get an excellent release on your shot. Defense and steals are a little overpowered, but if you equip the right badges, it can negate that. Overall, it’s a great game.


  1. NBA 2K20- NBA 2K20 brought me some of my favorite memories and favorite friends. The game was so much fun. The movement in the game and the shot meter was really well-designed, and the game was perfect. The park was easy to navigate and had some fun stores you could go to design your player and character. This game got me through the coronavirus pandemic, and I probably spent around 800 hours on this game.