Valentines Day Fails


Tegan Dugger, Staff Writer

        It is Valentine’s day season. A time when couples celebrate their love and single people eat candy. I really like Valentine’s Day because the months of January through March are pretty depressing in Ohio, and it’s nice to have a fun celebration in the middle. I also love the color pink as well as those candy hearts, so overall, Valentine’s day is a simple yet fun holiday. On the other hand, people who are in a relationship can get very stressed on Valentine’s day because it’s the most popular day to break up. This leads to many epic Valentine’s Day fails! So, let’s just get a move on.

    We all know about the candy hearts that hit stores right after Christmas. I love them, but they can be dangerous. They are a very hard candy, and I guarantee people have chipped teeth from chomping instead of sucking.

  As we all know, in elementary school every class has a Valentine’s Day party where kids design a box for candy to be inserted into. Last year, my brother made a box shaped like an airplane. He left it on a seat in our dining room not thinking anything of it. He was planning on taking it to school the next day for the party. But, later that night my brother was talking back to my father, so as punishment, my father sat on my brother’s box and crushed it. It was completely crushed, and my brother threw a tantrum. He didn’t have any time to make a new one so he ended up having to bring a cheerio box instead. His behavior was unacceptable. 

    Last Valentine’s day, I was babysitting a baby kitten. We were just about to leave to go to the Raging Romantics Ball in Canton, but before we could leave the kitten did something unspeakable. She leaped onto our chandelier. This was scary because it literally could have shattered the foundation of our house if the chandelier fell. We ended up missing the ball. 

   So those are some Valentine’s day fails. I did not include any to do with breakups because I feel like those are too common. I guess I’ll throw in another personal Valentine’s Day fail. Back in 2018 my grandma fell on a singular step around Valentine’s Day. She got a hematoma. It was bad, but Jesus came through and she’s good now. Overall, Valentine’s day has ups and downs. I’m excited for my family’s annual Valentine’s Day chalupa eating contest.