Valentine’s Day Pros for Single People


We’ve all been there, counting down the days till February 15th so we no longer have to shield our eyes from all the corny Valentine’s Day stuff being shoved down our throats. Truly, it’s everywhere -movies, candy, decorations, cards, cheap gifts- we can’t catch a break! For couples, Valentine’s Day is a puny excuse to actually treat your partner with love and respect for once. However, for us singles, it is just another day to remind us how lonely we truly are, while we watch those around us brag about their (often artificial) happiness. But we can make this year different! We all know how much being single sucks, so let’s focus on some of the positive aspects of Valentine’s day that even the loneliest of people can enjoy (yes, we are talking to you). 


  • Not participating in Valentine’s Day can save you oodles of money! 

One of the most obvious and important benefits of being single is not having to worry about finding the perfect gift for your valentine. The stress of putting together a creative gift is nothing you will have to worry about, not to mention the oodles of money you will save!  Instead, you can buy something sweet for yourself, because even though nobody else loves you, never forget about self-love.  We would personally suggest spending your money on a body pillow.  This will ease the pain of lying alone at night.  Maybe even splurge and buy a box of tissues, you will need them. 😉 This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself, save money, and enjoy a stress-free self-care night.  


  • With no one to spend February 14th with, you have yet another free night to do whatever you choose!

Speaking of a self-care night, you can now have one! Nobody is forcing you to hang out anymore! Does no one want to hang out with you, or are you really just way more fun than everyone can handle? The answer is clear: they are the problem.  Do not let them bring you down.  You can still have a movie night, do a face mask, go out to eat, dress up and make everyone else wish they were you.  These are not limited to the people in relationships.  


  • Nothing prevents you from eating Valentine’s day candy all alone!

You may ask, “Hannah and Erin, but what about the gift I am not receiving? I really want some chocolate to heal the gaping hole in my heart! :(“ Trust us, we’ve all been there! Good news! The day after Valentine’s Day, all the candy is on sale! Money saved on a gift = money spent on yourself.  Buy that cheap candy and eat it all with no regret. You do not need someone to buy you candy for it to taste good, it is all the same.  It was never made with love, it is all a scheme made by Hallmark in order to profit off of delusional couples, throuples, etc. 


  • With all the love you aren’t getting from everyone else, it prevents a great opportunity for self-love!

It is scientifically proven that in order to receive love from others, we must first be able to love ourselves. Maybe that’s the reason why no one has expressed interest in you! They are just waiting for you to express interest in yourself first! Don’t fret, others lacking interest in you won’t kill you. Kelly Clarkson said it best, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! You just have to maintain the positive GRIT mindset, and people will begin basically throwing themselves at you! 


In conclusion, never feel like you need to have a partner to enjoy any day of the year.  Be selfish and love yourself.  Enjoy this perfect time of year to make couples wish they were single like you! Do not be ashamed, be single and proud! Only some people are judging you! Cupid might have missed you with his arrow this year, but you are not doomed forever. To all my taken friends, I hope your immature relationship still makes you happy, even though the chances of it lasting are slim.  Happy Valentine’s Day to all my single babies! Love you all! <3



Hannah & Erin