Interview with Dover’s Darling Drum Major

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Aaron Hoffman, who just turned 17, is the current Drum Major of the 2019-2020 Dover Marching Tornadoes. He is a senior this year and formerly a trumpet player (ew!). This is his 8th and last year as a band member. He has two younger brothers named Alex and Logan. He likes to spend his free time practicing, studying, and JUST KIDDING! He doesn’t have any free time. As the Drum Major, Aaron has a lot of responsibilities on top of school. He has to catch Mr. Redd’s iPad during practice, which is pretty groundbreaking (or iPad breaking). On August 29th, 2019 we met for an interview in front of the high school before the first football game of the 2019-2020 school year.

Me: “How has being the drum major changed you?”
Aaron: “My experience as Drum Major hasn’t changed me much, but my brothers do get popularity off of it.”

Me: “What’s your favorite part of wearing the uniform?”
Aaron: “Pretty comfy.”

Me: “What’s it like to wear the hat?”
Aaron: “It kinda sucks, it’s really uncomfortable and I’ve had to readjust it for 30 minutes.”

Me: “What would you say your best trick is when performing?”
Aaron: “Ground bounce or high toss.”
After one of the band’s Monday night lights practices, I recorded Aaron performing one of his favorite tricks: the high toss.

Me: “How’s your senior year been?”
Aaron: “Pretty good. I have a headache.”

Me: “Do you work anywhere?”
Aaron: “I worked this past summer at Fundays. I made ice cream and root beer.”

Me: “Do you miss playing the trumpet?”
Aaron: “Yeah, I also miss talking with my trumpet buds.”

Me: “Does it make you nervous when everyone’s eyes are on you?”
Aaron: “Surprisingly not very stressed, it’s pretty fun actually.”

Me: “What are you most excited about in the 2019-2020 season?”
Aaron: “The Dover-Phila show, I have a lot of cool stuff planned.”

Me: “What is your least favorite thing about being the Drum Major?”
Aaron: “Parade turns.”

Me: “And your favorite part of being the leader of the Dover Marching Tornadoes?
Aaron: “Getting to interact with a lot more people.”


After the dreaded march from dear old Dover High to Crater Stadium, Aaron and I met up once again, and I asked him some more interesting questions.

Me: “How was your first death march?”
Aaron: “It was good. I couldn’t play trumpet.”

Me: “Why did you decide to try out for Drum Major?”
Aaron: “*jokingly* Logan Page and I had a bet, in eighth grade, that I would be the Drum Major and he would be section leader.”

Me: “How would you solve problems if you were from Mars? Aaron: I wouldn’t. I would stay on Mars.”
Me: “If you were to starve to death as Darth Vader, what would be your last meal and why?” He paused and stared at me for a while before answering this one. Then simply replied, “Sand.” (?)

Me: “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why?”
Aaron: “Dark oak because it’s my favorite type of tree in Minecraft.”

Me: “How long have you owned ‘Minecraft’?”
Aaron: “Since June 7th, 2013.”

That concluded our interview. A discussion about one of the most popular games in the world, Minecraft. After our interview Aaron led the Marching Tornadoes onto the field for the first pregame performance of the year. Based on my professional opinion, we nailed it. Special thanks to Aaron for agreeing to the interview and providing exceptional (and weird) answers.