Hallpass Limits


Ah, the new ten minute hall pass limits. They are definitely something we all have to get used to. And, along with that, the new cell phone policy. These new guidelines are difficult to digest, but let us look at the reasoning behind the most recent addition to the DHS regulations: hall pass limits. Maybe that will give us an idea of why they have been created.
Many believe there are multiple reasons for this new policy. One of the main reasons is the fact that some kids would leave their class ten minutes early to go to the bathroom to vape. Another reason it has been created is to make a safer, more secure way to keep track of all the students in school. After all, everyone is important and should be kept safe from danger and harm’s way. The new hall pass limits make sure that students do what they need to do, but do it wisely. Because only one person is allowed to leave at a time, teachers have less stress as they do not have to worry about multiple students being out at once. The teachers and administrators just want to make sure that students are safe and do not do anything irresponsible, like vaping when they should be in class learning.
The reasons for the policy makes sense, but you have to admit, it is slightly inconvenient. What if someone is so distracted because their pet fish just died, their grandma is having hip surgery because she fell down the stairs, or their only sibling just left to go back to college? They can’t go to their locker at the beginning of class to retrieve their homework to work on during study hall and that adds another item on the list of things to worry about. They have to sit impatiently, waiting for the okay from the teacher when ten minutes have passed. They could be getting so much work done in those ten minutes.
Sadly, not everyone can get what they want. Students and their safety, however, are far more important than not getting homework done in study hall. This new protocol will help staff keep track of the students easily. If you think about it, this new hall pass policy was created for our benefit. So, the next time you are thinking about complaining to a teacher, just remember that they are doing this because they love you (or as much as they can legally love you).