Smash: Does It Slap or Is It a Pass?


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Nevin Wise, Staff Writer

Food is a necessity of all living things, yet it is more than just that. It binds us all together by creating an agglomeration of emotions either for the better or for the worst. Think about the last meal you had? Did it make you feel content or was it painful to eat? This answer will vary, for everybody tastes food differently; however, there is a general opinion on food. Luckily, all you have to do is sit back and read because I can tell you if it slaps or should be passed. For this article, the new restaurant in town, Smash, will be tested.

I invited Katie Bruno and Grace Basso with me because I knew they would give me their honest opinions. As soon as we walked in, Grace and I were greeted by the friendly host who lead us to our booth. The decor caught my attention for it was all over the place. There was a wooden back-splash colored light orange, gray, brown, gray, and black that clashed with the light wood floor and walls that were accented with a rusty red and ice blue. The gray chairs also added to the modern, rustic, scattered barn theme. We sat down and were immediately served our drinks. Still with no Katie, Grace and I began to look at the menu. They had about anything you could want from a burger to wings or even tofu. They had a lot of food that was foreign to my palate (you cannot tell me that did not sound fancy) such as gator bites, poblano, and cauliflower hot wings. I would have loved to try these items; however, they were quite expensive (and y’all know I am BROKE). Forty-five minutes later, Katherine is not there, and Grace and I were tired of waiting to eat, so we ordered. Grace requested the Chorizo and Cheese Flatbread, and I ordered the Smash Burger that came with parmesan fries, and I asked for a salad with ranch on Katie’s behalf (yep, she ordered a salad at a new restaurant and decided it would be best to get the plainest dressing on her already plain order). Only an hour late, Katie showed up acting like we were going to let her sit with us. She eventually sat down after mild teasing, and our food came out shortly after.

We immediately scarfed down the food because we were beginning to get hangery. Grace’s flatbread was deliciously savory and so was my burger; however, the patty was pretty greasy. Katie’s salad was like any other salad according to her (like what did she expect from a house salad with ranch). Overall, the parmesan fries were the main seller. After trying my fries, Grace and Katie both ordered a side of fries because they didn’t want to share the novelty. We finished our scrumptious meals and decided to get dessert (because when we go out, we go hard). Grace ordered the cheesecake, and let’s just say it was gone within minutes. It’s cream cheese was so sweet and complemented the soft graham cracker crust perfectly.
To summarize, Smash’s decor is a little unsettling in my opinion, but the food makes up for it. The menu is very diverse and gives the consumer the opportunity to try new foods. The menu can be confusing to read with its white on black contrast and cluttered food options on a relatively small-sized menu. I totally recommend the parmesan fries and any of their burgers. The salads might be simple, but they are refreshing. The flatbread was good and should be considered when ordering. Now the major set back with Smash is the price. A water with lemon and the Smash Burger that came with fries ended up being twenty dollars including the twenty percent tip. This is awfully expensive compared to the original restaurant where I could get a quesadilla, rice, beans, and chips for eight dollars including the tip. The small slice of cheesecake was nine dollars (but, not gonna lie, it was pretty good)! I guess you have to keep in mind the quality products they are using. For instance, they use Wagyu meat for their burgers which is usually sold for roughly a hundred dollars (I only know this because my uncle loves to tell me about meat, their costs, how the cows are treated, and Zzz Zzz Zzz). With all that in mind, fifteen dollars for the burger AND fries is not bad. All in all, I would say Smash is a seven out of ten; therefore, it slaps according to my system. Go ahead and make your next meal destination Smash, and do not forget to get the parmesan fries!