Dover High School Timeline


The new DHS taking the spotlight.

Dear old Dover High, we’ll always loyal be. Well, old Dover High School, you’ve had a good run; lots of memories and fun was had. However, all good things must come to an end, or bad things depending on how you like our vintage school. Now that we are getting a new school, I thought that would be a good time to reflect on the history of schools in Dover and, of course, this dear old building. The DHS we all know and love was built in 1915, despite the town of Dover being officially founded in 1805. The school went by “Roosevelt High” in its early years. Back in the first days of Dover, children would have been taught by their parents, a schoolhouse teacher, or a well-paid tutor. The first school in Dover was a single room schoolhouse built in 1827 near the cemetery on 4th street. A schoolhouse during this time would teach all of the town’s children regardless of age, whereas now kids are separated into different buildings and grades by age. The education system was only starting to take shape in those days. Additionally, at this time, the schools were segregated, and there was a separate schoolhouse for African Americans until 1917. So, for two years there were no people of color in Dover High School. In 1966, DHS received its first foreigners, two exchange students from Denmark and Australia.
Throughout the years, the current building has been renovated two separate times. Once in 1935 by the Works Progress Administration, and once in 1991. This school has had two additions. In 1940 and 1963 new wings were added on to the existing school. The 1940 addition added the main body of the school, while the 1963 addition added the library, gymnasium, and cafeteria. Since then, it’s been pretty much the same school. The building was attractive back in its heyday because it hadn’t had thousands of kids and the passage of time trample through it yet. Now, the new school is supposed to be bigger and better than its predecessor. With a $46.2 million dollar budget, the new building should meet the needs of education in the 21st century. It is expected to be finished in just a few months now. This new building will definitely benefit the learning of Dover’s students. Here is to the survival of the new DHS for the next century.