Clubs… Clubs Everywhere


Looking for some enjoyable ways to spend your spare time? Want to get involved and even volunteer? If you are bored and want to do something fun around DHS, look no further. You have come to the right place. This is a list of some of the amazing clubs our school has to offer.

Art Club– Art Club is a school activity that allows students to have a creative outlet along with their academics. These students are involved in service projects around the school and community, and they also participate in field trips and workshops. The Art Club also raises money to cover the cost of art competition fees to support other students at DHS. Mrs. Hanenkrat runs Art Club.

Bud Club– This club is headed by Mrs. Lorentz and Mrs. Smith and is designed to match students with developmental disabilities with typical students to build lasting friendships. You get to play games and make friends. What could be better than that?

Chess Club– The title of this club is pretty self-explanatory. Run by Mr. Sparks, this club allows you to play (or learn!) chess and hang out with your friends (and maybe even beat them).

CIA – CIA, or Club for International Awareness, is in charge of the annual Culture Fair. This fair allows students to sample food and drinks from other countries while also providing the opportunity to learn about many different cultures. Mrs. Lawver runs CIA.

Crimson Crew– Mrs. Rees is in charge of Crimson Crew. This club is a good way to get involved with DHS athletics. Students involved determine student section themes, construct cheers (and sometimes skits), and have fun supporting our student-athletes at events.

FCA– Mr. Smith is in charge of this club. Fellowship of Christian Athletes provides a Christian atmosphere for athletes looking to give something back to the community. The group also raises resources for charitable programs.

Interact– Interact is a great way to get involved in the community and at school. Members of this group develop leadership skills while doing service. Interact volunteers and helps out the community in many ways and during multiple events. They are also in charge of school service projects and participate in an international project every year. Students actively involved are usually rewarded with a fun trip in June to places like Cedar Point and even Kalahari! Interact is run by Mrs. Stratton.

Key Club– Key Club is a student-led organization devoted to serving others. It is sponsored by Kiwanis International and provides its members the chance to provide service, build character, and develop leadership. Key Club members volunteer often and are prepared to be engaged members of their communities by experiencing service leadership. Mr. Bender and Ms. Nign are in charge of Key Club.

SAFE Club– SAFE (Sexual Advocacy for Everyone) is run by Mrs. Altier, Mrs. Grimm, Mrs. Pfeiffer-Ward, and Mrs. Sondag. It is a gay/straight alliance club where people are free to be themselves in a safe space.

Scholar Challenge– In Scholar Challenge, Ms. Nign quizzes students on a wide variety of subjects. Members take part in jeopardy type trivia and are assembled into teams that go to competitions to compete.

Student Council– Run by Mrs. Tucci and Mrs. Bradley, Student Council is open to students who are interested in focusing on leadership, diversity, and school and community involvement. This club looks to promote and develop leadership skills, respect and value for all people, and find opportunities to serve both the school and community. They also promote academic and extracurricular excellence and any other activities that encourage school spirit and pride.

Thespians– The Thespians audition to perform in our school’s fall plays and spring musicals. Students can also help with the technical side of live theater (lighting, sound, set building, costumes, etc.). Mr. Morris is in charge of this club.

Youth to Youth– Youth to Youth is run by Mrs. Dunlap and is a youth-led prevention group that concentrates on educating students, parents, and the community on substance abuse, mental health, and overall health and wellness.

There you go. I’ve just given you a list of some of our awesome clubs. DHS has something for everyone. Now go get involved!!