The Dominance of Denim

Who does not love wearing jeans? They are stylish. They are comfortable. And, they have plenty of pockets! Jeans have been one of the most common styles of clothing since the 1960s. When women had to join the workforce because of WWII, they needed to wear pants instead of their usual dress, so jeans were the solution to this issue. Since this cultural change of women being able to wear pants, jeans have been a favorite garment for both male and female fashion; furthermore, they have stayed within the subjective “cool” category of clothing. But, some people would argue that sweatpants are superior to jeans. These individuals believe that sweatpants are more comfortable than jeans. While sweatpants are more comfortable, jeans are, from a fashion standpoint, superior, and are way more fun to wear.
Jeans – simply put – look way better to wear around town when compared to sweatpants. Jeans have a presentation of class and style that sweatpants just cannot match. Moreover, jeans come in a plethora of different washes\; there is a wash for everybody’s preferences! Washes refers to the different coloration of the jeans themselves. For example, jeans with a navy blue color would be considered a darker wash. And, holes in jeans are a trend all of its own. If sweatpants have holes in the pant leg, those pants just look old and worn out. This effect of holes in sweatpants has the opposite effect that happens with jeans. Even celebrities love jeans as much as we do. Famous individuals like Chris Hemsworth, Mark Hamall, and even Beyonce all wear jeans. Jeans look cool with holes in them; sweatpants just look dumb.

In addition to jeans being more fashionable, jeans are way more fun to wear when compared to sweatpants. Why have jeans stayed within the main parts of fashion? Because they are fun to wear stupid! (Sorry for calling you stupid) Jeans do not just look good to wear\; they feel good to wear. For me, jeans make me feel way more confident versus when I wear sweatpants. Does it not just feel good to wear these types of pants? People even like to wear denim in jacket and button-up form. This may be anecdotal evidence, but if I was a lone example, then why are not sweatpants more common to wear compared to jeans?
Jeans – in every way, shape, and form – are superior to sweatpants because of the fashion benefits, and they are more fun to wear when compared. So friends, let us leave our sweatpants at home, and enjoy the technicolor rainbow of jeans we can all wear. I know I will be wearing my red jeans this November. So, come along friends and join me in celebrating this denim attire.


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