Books vs. Movies

One side of a two part argument with David Finnell on whether books or movies are better.

Calli Symons, Co-Editor-In-Chief

As said by Marcus Tullius Cicero, “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Books are an essential part of life. They shaped our society and religions considering the first book printed was the Bible. Without books, our ancestors would have never learned to make advancements in our world. Our schools would have nothing to give students to learn from. Now-a-days, people just watch movies or videos instead of reading books. Reading can actually expand your attention span. So, for those of you who can’t concentrate to read farther than this, I recommend to read more.
Everyone also knows that reading makes you smarter by working your brain. How many people have gone to watch a movie and felt they came back smarter? I would say very few. Typically, many people choose to view movies rather than read the book version. I don’t know why because books provide so many more benefits. Movies require you to sit down for several hours without getting up to do other things. Books allow you to read for just seconds but also give you the opportunity to get up, walk around, go about your daily life and come right back. They also allow you to engage with your creativity. The reader is the one that interprets the author’s words in their own way to form characters and settings. Books also travel anywhere you go. Movies are stuck on DVDs or smartphones that do not stand up to weather. Screens are hard to see outside, but books are bright and ready to read.
Other benefits of books are they can function as step stools, paper weights or weapons if necessary. All movies can do is just exist through the internet. Everyone knows of the smell books have. It’s iconic and even made into candles. Movies don’t have a smell. If anything, everyone should enjoy the wonderful benefits that books have to offer.