Out With the Old, In With the New


Ever since 2016, there has been one big thing on Dover residents’ minds. What could that be, you may ask? The answer is fairly simple: the new high school! Even the seniors are looking forward to the new school when they only get to spend the last few months of their high school career in the new building. I know if I was a senior now, I would be sad to part with the new school so soon, but I would be thankful for the experience. The construction workers, plumbers, electricians, and all the other workers have been diligently putting in work to give us as students one of the greatest high school experiences. The next question you may have is: what should we look forward to in the new school? I am glad you asked because that is what I will be telling you about!
On the outside of our new building, there will be lots of new and exciting design features. Some DHS oldies will be pleased to see that there will be a portion of the new school that will look similar to our current building, but with a more sleek and contemporary aesthetic. In addition, an electronic sign was donated by First Federal. As you may know, the school will also house a tornado sculpture that was donated by our seniors, the Class of 2020. Another design feature is that the new building will blend and fit well in the neighborhood. The school will be more modern and accommodate the natural feel of the community.
The inside will also include exciting design features. There will be many multi-use spaces to take advantage of all the room available in the new building. The new restrooms, locker rooms, and theater dressing rooms are also made to provide more privacy for students. Additionally, students will have access to lots of fresh air and natural light. The building will be energy efficient, with LED lights and an efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. Ask any student and they will probably tell you we are all excited for air conditioning to finally be a reality.
The new building will also provide even safer environments for students and staff. The school will have the ability to lockdown at any time, and it will also contain bulletproof and bullet resistant glass. There will be additional security cameras and a tornado shelter fit to secure the entire student body and faculty. The shelter will have a separate generator with water and restroom facilities available in case of a tornado.
As an athlete, I am personally excited about the new gymnasium. The gym will include space for 1,900 seats and contain 4 locker rooms. The wrestling room and weight room will also be available. There will be a walkway around the gym at the second level (as the gym will be located at a lower level than the entrance you walk in). Another addition to the gym will be a retractable American flag which has been graciously donated by the Class of 1968.
The auditorium is getting a much-needed upgrade as well. The new auditorium will contain 1,200 seats and an orchestra pit for musicians. Luckily for those musicians, the band, choir, and orchestra rooms are located nearby for easy access. The auditorium will also include a built-in tower and ceiling for enhanced acoustics. $1.6 million in private donations have been provided to update the auditorium, and this provides great opportunities for students.
Furthermore, the new building will have preserved items to connect the old and new schools. These include the 1915 cornerstone, the senior benches, and the words “Dover High School,” which were on the front of the old building and can now be found in the new cafeteria. Photos of the old school will stay in a photo gallery in the new commons area. Additionally, some materials in the current school will be reused. For example, the marble from the entrance will be repurposed for countertops in the new offices.
In conclusion, the new school is a good next step. There is so much to look forward to in our new learning and working environments. Exciting opportunities are present, and I hope we tackle all of them. We may be updating where we work and learn, but the values and traditions never change. Dover High School is, and always will be, an excellent school to attend.