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Steven Universe is an animated series that was created originally in 2013. Seven years later, the show has a total of five seasons, a full movie, and a short epilogue series called Steven Universe Future which just ended in late March under its belt. The epilogue series was made to tie up any loose ends of the main series; this included the loose ends of the main character’s mental state. The original series dealt with a plethora of serious topics like grief, gay relationships, personal identity, and redemption. And Steven Universe is considered a children’s show, so it is very surprising it covers all these taboo topics that most adult shows do not discuss. The epilogue is no different. This show talks about redemption and the other elements of the main series; furthermore, it also takes a shot at mental health, more specifically PTSD, and depression… In a children’s cartoon! And even more insane, the show does it in a mature, informed, and intriguing way.
If it was not apparent, major spoilers for the main series and the epilogue are going to be discussed ahead. The main series ends after Steven convinces all the diamonds to help him heal the gems that were mentally corrupted thousands of years earlier. The show seemed to finish nice and snug. But, then we got a movie. And after the movie, it was confirmed by the main writer and director, Rebecca Sugar, that a follow up show was being produced. The show takes place two years after the events of the main show. The first couple episodes just show what all the main characters are doing after the time skip and establishes the changes that have happened to Steven.
First, a little recap. Steven is a half gem, half human who is being raised by three gems women from another planet; Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. The original show shows the Crystal Gems fighting other corrupted gems, gems from their homeworld, and Steven trying to get used to his gem powers along the way. After finding out the truth behind his mother and convincing the diamonds to help him, Steven saves all the corrupted gems and brings peace to homeworld and Earth. Roll credits: until last year. Steven Universe The Movie takes place two years after the original finale. It shows the future and how everything for the gang has been great with nobody trying to kill them until they get immediately attacked five minutes into the movie. Ironic. A character named Spinel tries to destroy the Earth since Steven’s mother was so horrible to Spinel. By the way, Steven’s dead mom, Rose Quartz, is the absolute worst throughout the original show and even more during the movie. Steven saves the day again and all is well. This is where the show was until Future came out.
Then, things get a little off the rails. Steven starts to glow pink from his gem, he gains new destructive powers that can activate from his negative emotions, and Steven starts to lose his support group whether they leave to find themselves or by Steven pushing them away. Eventually, Steven tries to figure out his powers with the “help” of Jasper. And then, Steven and Jasper fight; furthermore, Steven wins and shatters Jasper. Steven is able to save her; however, he is so troubled by the shattering that he tries to seek help from the diamonds. This just makes it even worse when Steven tries to kill White Diamond. Even his dad does not seem to help Steven’s declining mental state. This all climaxes when his family, girlfriend, and dad try to ask him what is going on with him. Steven tells them what he has done, and, through mentioning his actions, Steven realizes that he has been a monster. This change in how he views himself literally makes him change into a pink, Godzilla style, mountain sized monster. The only way Steven could stop being a monster is by changing his mind to think of himself as a person. So, all the main characters hold Steven down to give one big monster hug to show how much he means to them. It actually works, and Steven turns back to normal.
The last episode ties up everything with a nice bow on top. Steven is going to therapy and has decided to leave home to find himself. He says goodbye to Peridot, Bismuth, Lapis, and Jasper who all were sad to see him leave. However, when Steven tells Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl about leaving, they do not seem at all sad. This bugs him to the point when he tries to drive away; he immediately puts the car in reverse to ask why. All of them stop pretending and burst into tears. They were all just pretending so Steven would not decide to stay home. It all ends with Steven driving away from Beach City: leaving his future uncertain.

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