COVID-19 Announcement

Hello Crimsonian readers! We hope you are all saying healthy during these strange times. Essentially, we just wanted to let you know that we are doing things a little differently this wave of articles. We understand that many of you may be stressed about the current situation. However, we also realize that many of you may want to hear how the youth of Dover are reacting to these strange times. That’s why the Crimsonian staff decided to make a compromise. Below you will find your regularly scheduled articles, all full of interesting, comedic, and intelligent perspectives on the normal life of high school students and the world. However, if you look near the top right, you will see a new section labeled COVID. This will contain all COVID-19 related articles (all of which will be designed to have you leaving the article uplifted or merely fascinated- we don’t need any more negative emotions at a time like this). That way, if you want to see our perspective on the pandemic, you have that option, but if not, it doesn’t even exist…. We at the Crimsonian hope you and your loved ones are safe and that you have a great rest of your day.