A Look Into the Season: Dover Football


A Look Into the Season: Dover Football

We had an opportunity to talk to some of this season’s Dover Varsity football players and get their thoughts on the season and the biggest rivalry game of their high school career.  Check out what the boys in Crimson and Grey had to say:

Q.) How have you felt about the season so far?
“It’s been challenging up to this point; however I believe we have everything we need to Beat Phila and make a deep tournament run. As a team, we know that we’re faced tough competition, and we are battle-tested heading into the tournament”- Senior: Will McCrate

“I feel like the season has been a tough, and difficult one but we just need to keep improving, and I am confident we will.”- Senior: Ethan Fontana

“We’ve put in a lot of work but haven’t gotten the best outcome, but the strength of schedule we play will pay off at the end of the season and the playoffs.”- Junior: Ayden Hall

“I have enjoyed and embraced the season because I thought we would not even have a season.”- Sophomore: Ben Hamm

Q.) What has been the highlight of your season?
“Amidst all the uncertainty surrounding football and other fall sports, it has been a blessing to take the field and have one final run with my teammates”- Senior: Will McCrate

“The highlight of my season was finding out we were going to have a season, some schools did not get that opportunity that we are fortunate enough to have.”- Senior: Ethan Fontana

“Getting to play the sport I love with my friends.”- Junior: Ayden Hall

“The highlight of my season has been being able to get some varsity playing time as a sophomore.”- Sophomore: Ben Hamm

Q.) Does having less of a crowd make a difference in how you play?
“Truthfully no, I love that I come from a community and school that supports our team so much and that’s what really allows me to block out the noise and play for my community and team”- Senior: Will McCrate

“I don’t think it makes a difference because we practice game scenarios with no fans, no cheerleaders or a student section.”- Senior: Ethan Fontana

“No, but it sure is nice when the Brickhouse is packed with fans and students.”- Junior: Ayden Hall

“Having less of a crowd definitely changes the feel of Friday nights, but it doesn’t make a huge difference in how I play personally.”- Sophomore: Ben Hamm

Q.) How do you feel about the Dover/Phila game coming up?
“It’s exciting. Phila has an excellent team but so do we. I think we have a great opportunity to prove a lot of people wrong on Friday”- Senior: Will McCrate

“I’m excited and can’t wait. There will be a lot of criticism and outsiders trying to tell us what will happen but those people do not go through our practices and aren’t coached what we are coached. I think it will be a good game, as it usually is, but we plan to come out on top.”- Senior: Ethan Fontana

“Very anxious and excited, it’s great to play in such a great atmosphere and rivalry, with both communities supporting their teams.”- Junior: Ayden Hall

“I am so pumped for the Dover/Phila game next week. Many of us weren’t sure if we would even get to play them this year, so it’s a blessing to be given the opportunity.”- Sophomore: Ben Hamm

Q.) Have you felt even though there is a shorter season this year, do you feel the team has played good competition?
“Yes, we’ve played some terrific teams and that will serve us well in the future”- Senior: Will McCrate

“Yes, Dover does not play a light schedule. If we played sorry teams, we wouldn’t be much better than the teams we play. Our schedule makes us a better team and helps us in the long run.”- Senior: Ethan Fontana

“Yes, although the season has been shorter, the schedule has been tough and strong, but it will make us a better team in the end.”- Junior: Ayden Hall

“I feel like we have played the toughest schedule around, and maybe one of the toughest schedules in the state.”- Sophomore: Ben Hamm

Q.) How have you felt about your personal playing this season?
“My goal is always to be the best teammate I can be. I hope to continue to contribute.”- Senior: Will McCrate

“I feel like my personal playing can be worked on and improved as all players could. There is always room for improvement.”- Senior: Ethan Fontana

“I haven’t reached the goals I set for myself yet, so there’s always room for improvement.”- Junior: Ayden Hall

“I have felt that I’ve improved greatly from last year, but there is still a ton of room for me to grow.”- Sophomore: Ben Hamm

Q.) What do you think is the team’s strengths this year?
“Resilience. We’ve faced adversity from day one and haven’t backed down from any challenges. We have continued to grow because of this.”- Senior: Will McCrate

“I think the team’s strength is the way we support each other. It is no secret that it has been a rough season, but we all know we got to keep our heads up for the community, school, and each other.”- Senior: Ethan Fontana

“The team’s strength this year is our bond with one another, we all get along and we’re all good friends.”- Junior: Ayden Hall

“I think the team’s strength this year is great leadership from the upperclassman, positivity, and everybody is willing to do what it takes.”- Sophomore: Ben Hamm

Q.) Because of the loss of time to practice before the season do you feel that took a toll on most of the teams playing ability?
“I do not. I know that my teammates and coaches worked incredibly hard this spring and summer to be prepared if and when we got the chance to play.”- Senior: Will McCrate

“No, I think we were all hungry to come out and play. I know I speak for most of the senior class when I say time away from the stadium wasn’t time off. We were still lifting on our own and preparing for the season.”- Senior: Ethan Fontana

“Yes, we would’ve been able to get more reps and scrimmages in before the season started, but our coaching staff had us well-prepared in a little amount of time.”- Junior: Ayden Hall

“The loss of time to practice definitely hurt some teams, but it also forced teams and players to lock in and focus for the practices they did have.”- Sophomore: Ben Hamm

Q.) SENIOR Q: What will you miss most about Dover football after you graduate?
“The people. I’ve met some of my best friends through this sport and it’s tough to accept that we will never be as close as we are right now.”- Senior: Will McCrate

“I will miss the brotherly love, most of us have played together since 7th grade some even in pee-wee. We’ve all been through bad practices and bad games together but we lift each other up and keep going side by side.”- Senior: Ethan Fontana