Freshman Perspective


Brynn Blickensderfer

DHS Cafeteria

A Freshman’s Perspective:
First Impressions

The transition from middle school to high school is a difficult change for some. There is a new building to memorize, teachers you’ve never met before, and intimidating upperclassmen. This transition was especially difficult with the eighth grade’s abrupt ending.
The biggest difference between high school and middle school is most definitely the lunch period. Of course, I was not around to have lunch in the old school’s cafeteria, but I can say the new school’s cafeteria is fabulous. The cafeteria’s large windows optimize sunlight. The sleek and pristine design and the large open space all remind me of a college campus. Along with this, the food looks fresh. Today, I enjoyed a sloppy joe, where at the middle school, I steered clear of any lunches other than the mini maple waffles and the tacos in a bag. I can now confidently say that lunch is my favorite part of the day.
Some other differences I noticed was having classes with some sophomores. In the middle school, on the other hand, every class was with someone you at least knew the name of (excluding the sixth grade). I found it a little strange sitting next to someone I had never even met before.
Going into high school, the thought of the upperclassmen looming over my head terrified me. While in middle school, I had imagined fighting in the hallways, and groups of bullies picking on freshmen. I was met with the pleasant surprise that the upperclassmen are nice and not intimidating at all. Most of the time, the upperclassmen don’t pay attention to you unless you go up to talk to them.
While in middle school, I had always imagined high school to be a lot harder than it is. I imagined piles upon piles of homework every night, and textbooks so heavy that they were impossible to carry. Luckily, my hyper-active imagination was put to rest when I realized high school isn’t too hard if you get everything turned in on time and do any homework you were assigned.
As a freshman, I have never been to a high school dance or anything of the sorts. Neither have any of my peers. Unfortunately, the class of 2020 will not be experiencing a homecoming this year around. The music playing the halls- while still fun- does not exactly make up for an entire dance. Sadly, there is nothing we can do except wait out the virus.
Unfortunately, there is one con to all of this. I was met with the disappointing fact that there is, in fact, no singing and dancing in the halls like in all of the movies I’ve seen.
All in all, my first weeks at high school have been a fun shining-new experience. I am excitedly looking forward to what this year has to bring.