An Honest Review of “The Charli”

An Honest Review of

Maddie Cercone, Section Editor

The Charli Drink

Dunkin’ Donuts and Charli D’Amelio have teamed up to name a drink after her called, of course, The Charli. I, myself, am a fan of Charli because of her TikTok fame and girls supporting girls, but this drink was not my cup of tea. I would advise trying it for yourself, but if your time is strained, then listen up. I am a huge fan of frilly and sugar packed coffee drinks so if you’re like me, you probably will not particularly enjoy this drink. It was simply too much of the coffee flavor and not enough body-poisoning cream and sugar. Although the caramel drizzle was a great touch, it was too strong of a drink for me. So to bring my simple yet opinionated review to an end, Charli, sweetie, I love you, but this drink is not it.