Covid and Athletics


The coronavirus has completely ruined the year 2020. It has put on pause school, work, and everyday life for everyone. If only we can go back to the beginning of the year. The virus has impacted many lives, especially the lives of athletes. As many of you may know, the coronavirus canceled spring sports. Thankfully, this year, fall sports had the opportunity to play again, and hopefully, winter and spring sports will too. Athletics are a crucial part of this community. It allows student athletes to perform and show off all their hard work and talent.
Even though the coronavirus has put a damper on sports, we are extremely lucky and grateful that our school district and coaches are doing everything they can do to help Dover athletics continue through this uncertain time. Sports will look a tad bit different this year. Athletes are wearing masks, social distancing whenever they can, and obviously sanitizing. Having a lot of supporters, whether they are physically at the game, supporting from outside the fence, or watching the online stream, makes the community come together
Every sport looks different this year. Football, for example, had fewer games this year than before. All the players and coaches were spread out, and coaches had masks on all the time. Everybody used their own water bottles, and the trainers had masks on too. Even the band members and majorettes had masks on unless they were performing.
Soccer looked very similar to football, everyone wore a mask, unless playing, and tried to be socially distant. Tennis and golf are more non-contact than any other sport. You can stay six feet apart at all times. In Tennis, players had to wear a mask unless they were on the court. Everybody wore masks on the bus all the time to ensure safety. We are extremely lucky that Dover City Schools ensures the use of masks so that athletes and students can go to school and have a season.
Going into winter sports, wearing a mask means a lot to the athletes, students, teachers, and coaches. Because spectators are wearing a mask and for the most part social distancing, they get to have a season. They get to go to school and participate in after-school activities. Simple tasks just as wearing a mask, sanitizing, social distancing, and filling out COVID forms means a lot to the Dover Community and especially the senior athletes who are trying to experience their final season of their sport in high school.