Marvel’s Thrilling Thor Saga


Marvel’s Thor Movies

On November 3, 2017, Thor: Ragnarok officially hit theaters in America. Upon watching it with my family, my parents made numerous comments, saying this movie was a lot better than the older two Thor movies. After watching the films Thor, Thor: Dark World, and Thor: Ragnarok, I am here to let you know if they are as bad– or as good– as people say they are.
The first-ever Thor movie made by Marvel was directed by Kenneth Branagh and came to theaters on May 2, 2011. Overall, I would give the movie three and a half stars. The movie had great visuals, a good plot, and good acting and actors. My only complaint was that the movie was a little slow. The action and fight scenes were fantastic, and the visuals were great, but once Thor was banished to Earth, it got a little slow with the lack of action. The soundtrack was alright too. It did not stick out too much, and it was just kinda there.
The movie was also lacking in humor. After watching it, I cannot recall any funny parts except the one meme that came from the movie. I suppose the part Thor gets hit by the car is kinda funny, but nothing funnier than a giggle or two.
Many would consider Thor: Dark World the worst Marvel movie to be released. I– having only seen a select few Marvel movies– can agree the movie is not good. The best way I can describe Thor: Dark World is as a slow action movie. It was directed by Alan Taylor and was released to theaters on November 8, 2013
The movie itself is very forgetful. As I am writing this, I am struggling to remember all that had happened in the movie. The movie’s decent visuals do not contribute to its memorability. Not to mention that the soundtrack melted into the background. I did not realize there was music until I had forced myself to listen to the background.
The plot of the movie is decent. It is nothing too noticeable. The start of the movie gave me deja vu of how the first movie started. Warriors of Asgard attack the bad guys and hide/steal a powerful weapon. Although, I was happy to see Loki as a good guy as part of a redemption character arc (he is, Loki, my favorite character).
Overall, the movie is very slow. Outside of the reasons I already listed, the movie was pretty good. It was a good one time only experience, but I would not recommend watching it if you already watched it once. Three out of five stars.
Thor: Ragnarok was directed by Taika Waititi, and came out in theaters on November 3, 2017. The movie was a major step up from the first two movies. I loved the movie. It had the perfect combination of humor and action. The visual effects were extremely well done, and, on top of this, had one of the most recognizable soundtracks out of the three movies.
This movie is by far the most humorous out of the three movies, including jokes like “Get Help,” Banner’s Hulk fail towards the end of the movie, and everything Kronk says. On top of this, the movie inspired many of the memes we know and love today.
Overall, Thor: Ragnarok is an amazing movie. Everything about it is extremely well done. I rate it five out of five stars.
Thor: Love and Thunder is going to be the next addition to the Thor series. It will be directed by Taika Waititi. Some rumors– whether they be true or not– claim the movie will be about Jane Foster, Thor’s ex-girlfriend, becoming the new god of thunder while battling cancer. If these rumors are true or not, I do not know. All I can say is Thor: Love and Thunder has a lot of expectations to live up to. The fate of the Thor series rests on the shoulders of this movie.