Rating My Cats

Rating My Cats

Scott County Herald

Audrey Wallick

As many of my close friends know, I love cats (only mine though), and I am not embarrassed to admit it. While many people claim they hate cats for cats’ notorious hatred of people, these people have not met my cats. My cats all have shining personalities that you can learn about from reading this article. I have three cats currently, none of which we actually bought. Our cats found us, not the other way around. All but one of my cats showed up to our house and just decided to live here.


To start,  the oldest of the three cats is Mansferd or Manny, for short. I have a love hate relationship with this one, and he is definitely not my favorite (please don’t tell him though). Anytime I give him any attention or pet him, he tries to bite me. He is the reason why many people do not like cats. I have never met a cat more annoying and food motivated than Manny. All he wants to do is eat all day, and when he does not get what he wants, he will get revenge. For example, he will dart around my house as fast as he can with the intent of knocking down things that are loud at 3 A.M. Manny will take his little paw and will swat any drink on to the floor. And I cannot forget how he will walk his 40lb self across the keys on our piano at late hours of the night. Creepy! Another “cute” trick Manny enjoys is kicking his litter out of the litter box, but I will not get into it. 


Despite all of these things I do not like about Manny, he also has good things about him. Like people, cats are not all good nor all bad. A funny thing about Manny is that he has this spot on his back and if you scratch it, he licks the air (now that I think about it, it’s a little concerning). Manny also gets along well with the other cats. As far as appearance goes, Manny is pretty cute. Overall,  I rate him a 6/10 on the cat scale. 


The second cat is Baby Cat, and before you ask, yes, that is his name. This cat has the best personality. Baby Cat is very sweet and loves to be cuddled and held. One of my favorite things about him is he always comes when he is called which is unusual for cats. Furthermore, Baby Cat also has a very distinct meow that is raspy but cute at the same time. The cutest thing about him is his stretch. Every time he walks in or out of the house, he does a big stretch. He is a small cat, but he is super long. He will flop down on the floor and stretch out as long as he can. 


Unfortunately, Baby Cat has gotten into his fair share of trouble. For instance, one time he ran away for three days then returned with a swollen arm. The day we were supposed to take him to his veterinarian appointment, he decided to get stuck in the neighbor’s tree about 20 feet high. My dad had to come home from work and get him down with a ladder. This cat also got hit by a car and dislocated his leg. To say the least, he has raked up the most money is vet fees. Baby Cat also attacks the other cat in our house which is not a good thing. Basically everything Baby Cat does, except for attacking other cats, is adorable and I have to rate him a 10/10. If you note a bit of favoritism, I won’t deny it. 


And lastly, there is Moo-Moo. Moo-Moo got his name because he looks like a cow (get it?). He showed up at our house one day and soon enough he was living inside our house. Moo-Moo is a sweet cat, and I think he is just happy to be fed. I honestly do not even know if Moo-Moo is a boy or a girl. Nevertheless, Moomoo loves attention and will flop down in the strangest places such as sinks, the middle of a room, or his personal favorite–on people’s heads. Moo-Moo is the kind of cat you cannot get away from due to his neediness. When you pet Moo-Moo, he is non stop purring. Sadly, Moo-Moo has a history of falling off of things. He has fallen off of a one story building onto his head and walked through the railing on the stairs and fallen off the stairs. I think Moo-Moo has taken too many hits to the head because he is a dumb cat, but that does not stop me from loving him.  I am going to rate Moo-Moo at a solid 6/10. 


It may seem harsh to “cat”egorize my cats, but they are a significant addition to my life. They hang out with me while I complete homework and snuggle while I watch a movie. Despite a worldwide pandemic, my cats have remained constant, even if they were swatting the water bottle off the counter to watch it spill all over the floor.