How to get in the Christmas Spirit during a pandemic


Audrey Wallick, Staff writer

As we all know, 2020 has been a bust year for holidays; 4th of July parties were cancelled, families could not get together for Thanksgiving, and kids missed out on the classic trick-or-treat experience at Halloween, but Santa’s wearing his mask and coming to town.

 It is safe to say everyone is looking forward to Christmas this year. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel–the dark, boring tunnel being 2020–and the light being Christmas. Although Christmas will look different this year, and it might be hard to get in the Christmas spirit without Christmas Eve parties, extended family, and Christmas plays at church, I have the solution: a list of Covid-19 safe Christmas activities to get you in the spirit. 

  • Decorate!!

The best way to get into Christmas mode is to, you guessed it, deck those halls! Christmas is the best holiday to decorate because there are so many different ways to decorate. You can make your own decorations, you can hang lights, you can put up wreaths. The best part is you can never decorate too much for Christmas.

  • Make Gingerbread houses

From peppermint candies on the roof to white icing forming icicles, what is 

more satisfying than making a good ‘ol fashioned gingerbread house? Whether you bake the gingerbread yourself or buy it in a kit is no matter of consequence. The important thing is you get creative and have a good time basking in the traditions of the holiday. If you really want to go all out, feel free to add a candy cane lined sidewalk that leads up to your gingerbread house’s candy-decorated door.

  • Have a Christmas Movie Marathon

Keep those movies rolling one after the other for hours at a time. These movies are best enjoyed with good company, so gather the fam or invite a few (very very few, for Covid purposes) friends over. Be sure to take temperatures before you gather, but don’t let Covid steal your joy in watching your favorite scenes in Elf or Home Alone. Enjoy some popcorn or Christmas cookies as you watch Rudolph’s nose light up “so bright.”

  • Bake Christmas Cookies

If you want to have some cookies to enjoy for your movie marathon, you better get busy baking cookies in the kitchen. Throw on that apron, spread out those ingredients, and get to work–mixing, blending, rolling, sifting. It all pays off when you smell those cookies baking in the oven. Of course, the most fun is just a timer buzz away–decorating the cookies! Don’t be shy about tasting some of the product or giving some of them away to friends.

  • Have a Bonfire

You can build a large bonfire out of dry wood and branches or you can enjoy a smaller campfire. Gather the family, make Christmas s’mores, and drink some hot chocolate. Wrap up in the fuzzy blanket and sing a few Christmas songs while you’re at it. 

  • Put on Your Favorite Christmas Songs

Whether you have an old record player or access your favorite Christmas playlist off your phone, Christmas music sets the mood and puts us in the Christmas spirit. You can even keep the Christmas spirit going on car rides with the radio. 

  • Wear Christmas socks

This one is really simple and anyone can participate. Your Christmas socks don’t even have to match. Who cares! If you can’t find the ones with the snowflakes or Santa coming down the chimney, just wear one red sock and one green sock. They are great, too, for sliding around the kitchen while you bake those cookies and listen to those Christmas tunes.

  • Go Ice Skating

This one takes a little planning, but my family went last year and had a blast! Yes, it is true you may fall down. Yes, it is true you may fall down multiple times. Yes, it is true you may be sore in the morning. But…this is about making memories. It is fun to laugh as others try to navigate the ice and marvel at those who know what they are doing. My best advice on this one? Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself, and when you are all finished and exhausted, go home and make that hot cocoa.

  • Go Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping is what you make it. Even the most reluctant shopper can find some joy in shopping during the holidays. The malls and stores are decorated. If you focus on the person for whom you are buying the gift, the shopping is meaningful. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money. Just aim to be thoughtful.

  • Admire Christmas Lights 

This one is free and fun. Plan an evening to drive around your neighborhood and scout out the best light displays. Drive through downtown, admire the candles in people’s windows, delight in the lighted wreaths hung on the doors. I suggest doing this when there is fresh snow on the ground to really add to the Christmas feeling.