Why do many people prefer Snapchat over texting?


Many people tend to question why individuals choose to Snapchat instead of text. Numerous teens are starting to ditch texting to snap, and this has been a development for the past 7-8 years. Snapchat started on October 29, 2012, while texting began on December 3, 1992. As time has gone on, Snapchat has become more popular with people of all ages and was a big success to ages 12-24, as well as many other ages.
Texting is still popular and is still used by many. A benefit of texting is the speed of receiving and sending messages. The average response time to get a response back is around 90 seconds. Plus, it is more likely to see a text message before Snapchat because the text pops up right away and you can read it the minute you open your phone. On the other hand, with Snapchat, you have to go into the app, find the person you got a snap from, take a picture of yourself, then type. The process is much longer and sometimes it takes a while for Snapchat to send to the receiver. Lucas Lane is a big fan of texting and said, “When I open my phone, the first thing I see is a text. I never open a snapchat before a text.” The biggest advantage of texting is that the messages save, and it is easy to see what the people were talking about and easy not to forget. Snapchats disappear, and it can be hard to remember what one said to the person that you sent the Snapchat to.
Although some see the advantages of texting, others still use snapchat more, and here’s why. Everyone uses Snapchat these days, more than any app on the phone. It’s easy to contact friends and family. Andres Bollon, a snapchat user, has said “Snapchat is better, and I use it more because everyone I text is more active on Snapchat and answer faster.” Plus, friends can see your face, rather than having to guess if the person is joking, happy, or sad. Do not think anyone can see your snaps or anyone can snap you because that is not the case at all… unless you accept their request, they can’t snap that person. There are a lot more positives than negatives for Snapchat. Texting and Snapchat have the same effect and do most of the same things, but most people have a preference on which they would rather use or use more.