Seize Your Senses: The Internet’s Advice For Taking Back Your Taste


* Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and these methods are not medically proven*
The thought of losing your taste and smell is super scary to many people. Those who had or have COVID in the past year may have lost their senses due to it being a major symptom of the virus. People on the internet have tried to come up with solutions and different tactics to regain both their taste and smell. I will be sharing with you readers about all the ways I have found researching from Tik Tok and Google.
Many of you may have heard of this first method, but it is called the “Burnt Orange Method”. You start by cooking an orange over an open flame until the fruit is entirely black on the outside. After that, you peel off the burnt orange skin and mix the cooked orange in a cup or bowl with brown sugar. You then eat the orange, and from what the person said who started this method, you should get your taste and smell back.
The next method I found was on Tik Tok, and it seems a little crazy in my opinion, but I’ll let you all see what you think about it. It starts with you placing your finger in between your eyes, while someone helps you by flicking the back of your upper neck. You then repeat this again, but this time you stick out your tongue and put your finger on it while being flicked again. That’s all there is to the “head flick method” of getting your senses back. Lastly, I found more credible methods from research. They are types of exercises for your smell that are similar to olfactory training, which practices to make new neural pathways and help recover the sense of smell. Olfactory training can include mastering new smells of essential oils. I have found in my research that people claim vitamin A supplements and using over-the-counter steroid nasal sprays have been used to try to regain or improve the sense of smell. As I said in the beginning, I am not a medical professional, and many people who propose these methods are not medically trained either. These tactics are made for fun with the potential hope that their taste and smell would come back. If you try any of these make sure to do them at your own risk and do your own research too!