Save the Bees!


I do not like bees. After a painful encounter with one every summer for quite a few years, I carried minimal sympathy for their endangerment. In fact, the thought of never again freezing up to the sound of buzzing near my shoulder drew an uninformed smile across my face. Even though I was pretty sure that life for everyone would drastically improve if the bees were to unfortunately and immediately drop dead, I wanted to do research to justify my hatred and prove their uselessness.

So, here is the situation of the declining bee population as explained by someone who wants it to decline.

The idea that bees play an irreplaceable and fundamental role in our lives was very suspicious to me. Although, this claim was found to be true. Bees create beeswax which lends a hand in making food sealants, candles, some makeup, and many more vital products. They also keep a large number of our crops alive and healthy through pollination. As it turns out, their main conspiracy is not to inject poison into and set my foot on fire when I do not wear shoes in the summertime grass.

If I had gotten my wish the bee population would have hit the floor along with our food supply. Many products would be at best scarce but most likely gone. Fruits, jams, and vegetables may have been deemed a luxury.

So how can we look after the bees and help them to get back on their feet? By planting berry bushes and sunflowers, an entire colony could be fed and nutritionally taken care of. Local beekeepers are in need of support as well. They encourage pollination, and as a bonus, the raw honey they produce has many health benefits.

After research, the declining bee population definitely feels more problematic. The bees need our help as we need theirs.

My opinion of these creatures may have swayed me into activism for their cause; however, I will forever advocate for a petition to rid the world entirely of wasps.