Hmmm…. A Mind Interrupted

Hmmm.... A Mind Interrupted

There is nothing more frustrating than when you cannot remember your previous progression of thought. Other more comprehensive people might lose their train of thought every once in a while, but for someone who seems to have the train station as a permanent guest, it becomes almost a custom for me to forget everything. I am someone who spends a lot of time in my head going through lists, processing events, and understanding information. I like to think of my mind as one of those cliche rooms from the movies with a billion filing cabinets filled up for miles with memories and thoughts from my past. For some reason, some of them get mixed up, and the information gets misplaced somewhere for me to forget at the moment suited best. This phenomenon happens very often to me as a matter of fact…well darn…it was just on the tip of my tongue, but now…I do not know. It could be the most important thing I could ever say in my life and another thought comes knocking on the door, and I lose all hope of ever remembering.
This common occurrence makes me want to pull my hair out, and I think others could say the same for this problem. Research from the lab of Adam Aron at UCSD who collaborated with researchers at Oxford University did a specific study on what happens in the brain when you lose your train of thought. They found evidence that suggests that the same brain system involved in interrupting movement in bodies also interrupts our cognition. Aron focused on the Subthalamic nucleus or STN which is the brain’s stopping system. This system engages with the body when physical activity is required, like the whole body jolt you experience when slamming on your brakes. This experience of complete precaution will be seen not only as a physical response but can also affect the mental aspect of lowering your guard. It can be inferred from the studies “that an unexpected event appears to clear out whatever you’re thinking about” causing your mind to scatter with no recognition on how to return to your original mindset.
There is no getting around when your mind comes to an unexpected crossroad. Waiting for your unwanted thoughts to file through like oncoming traffic will unexpectedly bring out the worst in anyone. Right, or do I live under the notion that everyone cares about losing their train of thought as much as I do? Many say in order to catch the next train that previously stole from you it is important to mentally retrace your steps and remove distractions that would diminish your ability to remember. Just remember that the next time you lose your train of thought that it was a product of your brain’s self-defense mechanism to try and assess situations you are in, and that can possibly be helpful in the future.