Fictional Political Ideologies

Sofia Bierhorst, Staff Writer

So, politics. Politics are an important part of modern society, obviously. I, personally, love learning about politics‐ specifically political ideologies. Now understand, I like wacky ideologies, not the actual real world common political ideologies that a lot of people believe in. They’re just way more fun and interesting. I could go on and on about ideologies like anarcho monarchism or posadism, but I think it’s more entertaining to talk about fictional ideologies because they can be very ridiculous and funny.


This is one of my personal favorites. The name stands for Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism. It’s essentially transhumanist socialism gay rights edition. If you don’t know what transhumanist socialism is, I get that. Not everyone knows about transhumanism because it’s kind of out there. Transhumanism is an ideology really far to the pro-technology side of the technological spectrum. Basically, they think humans should upgrade themselves, so they can overcome a bunch of humanity’s challenges. Transhumanism + socialism = Transhumanist Socialism. Transhumanist Socialism + GAY = FALGSC. FALGSC also has a focus on space travel as shown

by the space in the name. So basically, be in space, be communist, be gay.

2. Anarcho-Frontierism

Another transhumanist ideology! This time anarchist space cowboys! So the ideology is an anarchist, transhumanist, libertarian ideology that states anarchist societies can only really exist on frontiers. It’s basically just “let’s all be space cowboys.” The cultural ideas of anarcho-frontierism are legalization of recreational drugs, gun rights, and sexual freedom.

3. Ingsoc

Ingsoc is the ideology from 1984. Since it’s literally the government from 1984, it’s an off compass totalitarian ideology. The Ingsoc party has odd policies, including newspeak. Newspeak is a very simplified version of English, or Oldspeak. Another policy of the party is doublethink, which is just believing two contradictory ideas. Obviously, this ideology is bad. I mean it was made for the purpose of being bad and undesirable.

4. Bio-Posadism

Bio-Posadism is the belief that the only way socialism can rise is after society is brought down by a pandemic. (You might be concerned about this and think that COVID-19 could be the virus Bio-Posadists would want. They probably would want a more potent disease, but it honestly could be what they would want.) This ideology is derived from the real ideology Posadism, which is the belief that socialism can only rise after we nuke the Earth. Now you may be thinking; “Is that all Posadism is?” And if you DID think that, thank you for allowing me to go off about this wild cult. It was founded by J. Posadas, who was a very charismatic leader. They believed in aliens and the great filter, or the idea of some force that wipes out civilizations, explaining why humans haven’t seen any extraterrestrial life yet. Now here’s where it gets weirder; Posadas got really interested in dolphin birthing, and hoped he could apply it to birthing in space. Eventually he ended up thinking that we should talk to dolphins and other animals. Now, Posadism was very obscure up until the recent years, when memes about the ideology started being made. I didn’t actually find out about Posadism through memes though. I found out about it through Jreg during his political Jrera. Anyways, the memes are pretty funny.


So yeah that’s a few fictional ideologies. I know a lot more, but not too many of them are very interesting. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll write more about wacky/fictional ideologies.