Drake Album Review: “Certified Lover Boy”

Drake Album Review: Certified Lover Boy

Eric Lanzer, Staff Writer

Certified Lover Boy- Drake Album Song Rankings 

  1. “IMY2”- “I miss you 2” is a great song with a great feature from Kid Cudi. I love Kid Cudi, so this might be a little biased, but it’s still a great song. Kid Cudi shows off his variety in vocal range. 
  2. “Kn*fe Talk”- This song that I can’t fully name is still a great song with another great feature from 21 Savage. The chorus is really catchy. 21 Savage uses his different style to sound like a poet on this beat. 
  3. “Girls Want Girls”- After Lil Baby and Drake made “ Wants and Needs” I was expecting this song to be the best with them both, but it was honestly a let down. A good song, but not even close to “ Wants and Needs”. 
  4. “Love All”- Another biased pick because I absolutely love Jay-Z, but I mean he sounds like he is almost reading a book in this song. 
  5. “Get Along Better”- Even though it’s one of the songs that isn’t played that much, the beat makes this song good. Drake drops some really witty and catchy bars in this song. 
  6. “Fair Trade”- Any song with Travis Scott is instantly going to be good with the synth bass. This song would be good on Astroworld by Travis Scott. 
  7. “No Friends in the Industry”- It’s my favorite Drake solo, and he can clearly rap without a feature. The song describes how he doesn’t need other rappers to make good music. 
  8. “You Only Live Twice”- Three of some of the best rappers/artists on a song ( Drake Lil Wayne & Rick Ross). Can’t go wrong here. Lil Wayne and Rick Ross give this song an old school feel. 
  9. “In the Bible”- Giveon and Lil Durk were the perfect additions for this song. They are polar opposites, but they sound so good together on the track. Giveon’s voice is angelic on this track. 
  10. “TSU”- Another solo song for Drake where he preaches on the mic. The song describes Drake’s days in college. 
  11. “N 2 Deep”- Not as good as “ Life is Good,” but Future and Drake are always a good combo. Future sounds like he struggles breathing sometimes when he raps. 
  12. “Champagne Poetry”- Good intro song really sets the tone for the rest of the album. 
  13. “Papi’s Home”- Practically a second intro song
  14. “Way 2 S*xy”- Clever use of a sample, but it’s very repetitive. Young Thug sounds good, and future just repeats the same line too many times. 
  15. “Race my Mind”- Has one of the best beats on the entire album. 
  16. “7am on Bridle Path”- It’s a Kanye diss, and it does alright. He has a few good lines including a line about Giannas Antetokounmpo 

The other songs aren’t worth mentioning. Album Rating- 4.5/10 There are good tracks on this song, but the bad songs outweigh the bad. The beats are all good. The features are good as well.