Victory Lap Decision

Football players holding up football.

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Football players holding up football.

William Peveto, Staff Writer

Dover/ Phila week has been around for many generations; It is a thrilling time for both students and athletes alike to collaborate and prepare for the Friday night showdown. This event is one of Dover’s most enormous occasions, rivaling homecoming respectfully. This event brings both schools together in a competition of the fittest. Dover/ Phila week is an excellent chance for students in both schools to promote their pride and aspiration for their teams. This year is no exception; students enjoy the thrill and excitement of the clash between schools.

A victory lap is one of the more generic ways of celebrating a win; it boosts the team’s morale and keeps the crowd engaged. Unfortunately, due to circumstances in the past, victory laps aren’t permitted. To win against Dover’s most formidable foe requires an exciting celebration. “Should we allow victory laps in games?” Students expressing their team and shaming their rivals is what rivalry’s about. Expressing after an awarding win is just as critical as winning.

Dover is the safest and most conservative school in the district; for the students, freedom to express themselves is important because it builds the student body’s trust in its staff. “Should we as a school allow students to celebrate a hard-earned win with a victory lap?” As for myself, I considered the matter and figured the best way of deciding was to ask the student body. In general, four students were asked anonymously; three of the students agreed that a victory lap after a hard-earned game is harmless and indestructive. One student said, “even though doing a victory lap is a general way of celebrating, the fact remains that it could affect the other team and staff because of their hard work and dedication.” 

To conclude, we as students should come together and develop a proper way to celebrate during games to prevent causing trouble and make the event more enticing. however, I can say that Dover is a great school and would love nothing but the best for its student body and athletics department. Whatever the outcome, this is our school; let us make the best of it.