How Can Friends Have an Influence on a High Schooler’s Experience?


Lauren Grafe, Staff Writer

Friends are one of the most important things in a teenager’s life. Part of a high schooler’s experience is influenced by friends that people make. When adults look back on their childhood, they look back at the memories they made with teammates and best friends. They don’t look back at the lessons they learned in school or the games they won or lost. High school is supposed to be the best time of a person’s life and where a person can make many memories.

As many positives that friends can have on one’s life, they can also have negative effects. If one chooses to surround themselves with negative people or friends that aren’t making wise decisions that will have a negative impact on many high school experiences that a teen could be having. This is why surrounding yourself with people with the same values and positivity is so important, especially at this critical time in one’s life. 

In high school, teammates begin to become family because of how much time is spent with them. Sometimes people would never have gotten to know them if it weren’t for the sport connecting them. Lucas Lane, junior at Dover high school says, “My greatest memories with swimming and football have been with my teammates and the conversations that we have.” Another student at Dover high school, Gabi Marraccini says, “I have been playing softball for most of my life and my closest friends have been made from all of the tournaments and laughs that we have had.”

Zach Dale is a member of the Dover High School golf team. He started when he was a high schooler, and his best friends have become the kids on the team. He has said, “My best friends and most loyal are the upperclassmen that have been great to me. They are great leaders and always include the underclassmen, whether it’s golfing for fun or going out to eat.” Those friends are people he may not have crossed paths with or been as close with if it wasn’t for being involved with clubs and sports. This is why trying new clubs, sports, and activities are so crucial in a high schooler’s experience. It leads to new friendships and bonds with more people. This is where memories will be made that will last a lifetime.