Flat Earth Is Cap

Flat Earth in space

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Flat Earth in space

William Peveto, Staff Writer

Members of the flat earth society believe in the earth being in a two-dimensional disk rather than a three-dimensional sphere. To fully comprehend the idea of “flat earth,” we need to understand the factions and diverse opinions of multiple theories. Some believe that flat earthers form from a branch of religion, culture, line of history, and more. flat earthers come from many backgrounds, thus, creating thousands of concepts behind the flat earth theory.

Some flat earthers believe that flat earth is proven through religion, such as the Bible. According to Revelation 7:1, a line in the Bible states: “and after these things, I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor the sea, nor on any tree.” The line includes the statement of four corners of the earth’s surface, possibly leading some to believe that the earth isn’t round. 

Some flat earthers base their assumptions on old “proofs” in the past, like measurements and field of vision. For example, an old theory arose many years ago that people can be seen from miles away by using a boat and measuring it with the rendering distance of the human eye. The boat could be seen from miles away, allowing people to believe the earth was flat. This theory was proven wrong, as the eye can view things at a great distance, not to mention the earth is far too large to notice curvature on the surface with the naked eye. 

Some who believe the theory base their beliefs on culture and people. In 2017, Bobby Ray Simmons Jr, a rapper in the United States, started funding a mission to send a satellite to space to seek evidence that earth was a disc. People began jumping in and supporting his mission, and his fund eventually reached $1 million. Youtube has also been a giant sponsor for this theory and displays dozens of videos containing flat earth theories and conspiracies.

Each flat earther came from a different background for various reasons and perspectives. While the majority of normalized humans with the most kindergarten level-based concept of science may believe that these people are joking, they are very serious in their beliefs. Many flat earth theories have been proven wrong by both science and logic. Why they think the way they do is simply due to lack of evidence and blind belief. Flat earth is cap.