College Football Frenzy


Eric Lanzer, Staff Writer

Had you told me last year that Alabama would be out of the top four within the first six weeks and Cincinnati is ranked the third-best team in college football, I’d tell you “you’re crazy.” The 2022 NCAA football season has been one of the wildest I’ve ever seen. From upset after upset to Clemson not even being ranked in the top 25, this season has been one to remember, and it is just getting started. Even with the twists and turns of the season, I will try my best to give my most accurate and bold predictions of this season and what the playoffs will look like. 


Playoff Picture Rankings

1. Georgia Bulldogs – 12-0: Georgia has the best defense in college football. With their offense led by J.T. Daniels, Georgia is the best team in college football. Their next big test this season will be their matchup against Alabama in the SEC championship if both teams make it that far (which I’m sure they will). I think they will beat Alabama and cement themselves as the 1 seed. 

2.Oklahoma Sooners- 12-0: After finally coming to his senses and benching Spencer Rattler, Lincoln Riley will lead his team to the 2 spot in the playoffs. Now, this might be the boldest prediction in this article, but I think Oklahoma can do it. Oklahoma has a really poor defense. In fact, this defense has given up an average of 23 points per game this season. While that stat looks semi-decent, they gave up 35 points to Tulane, 31 to Kansas State, and 48 to Texas. However, with Caleb Williams, the new starting quarterback, and Marvin Mims, a top 3 wide receiver in college football, Oklahoma can battle with any other defense in the league. Oklahoma will most likely have to deal with Oklahoma State twice- 0nce for sure in the regular season and most likely in the Big 12 championship. I think Caleb Williams will lead this team to an Undefeated Season. 

3.Cincinnati Bearcats- 12-0: Desmond Ridder is one of the most talented college quarterbacks in football. He consistently leads his team to victory (started in all games with a 5-0 record) and is in the top 25 for QBR (quarterback ranking). Cincinnati is in the American Athletic Conference (AAC) which by all means is a very weak conference. Their hardest opponent they face all year is Notre Dame who they have already beat (24-13). The rest of their schedule is easy which will allow them an easy undefeated record and an easy spot into the college football playoffs. I think they will go undefeated in the regular season and in the conference playoffs. 

4. Ohio State Buckeyes- 11-1: Well, I did not see myself taking Ohio State into the playoffs. I mean, after an embarrassing loss to Oregon, there was not much for Ohio State fans to look forward to. But, CJ Stroud has looked really good after facing the loss. Stroud threw for 406 passing yards and 5 touchdowns against Maryland. With Alabama losing to Texas A&M, the hope for the Buckeyes is not lost. Ohio State has one of the hardest schedules in all of college football. Ohio State still has to play 3 more ranked teams before the end of the regular season. I think they will defeat them all. I also think they will knock off Iowa in the BIG Ten championship allowing them to advance into the top 4. Ohio State needs CJ Stroud to continue his uprise, and they need the defense to step it up big time. 

Just Out

5. Alabama Crimson Tide- 11-1: Personally, I was so happy to see Alabama lose. Why? Well, they have sat at the top of the standings for years now so it was nice to see them get knocked down a few pegs. Bryce Young is a really talented Freshman quarterback who came out of the Elite 11 looking fresh. Alabama has dominated this year until their loss to A&M. Alabama is in the hardest conference in college football (SEC). As of now, Alabama will most likely face Georgia in the SEC championship. I think they will struggle against the number one defense in the country. Georgia’s defense combined with Bryce Young’s lack of experience is a recipe for disaster for Alabama and will cause them to barely miss the playoffs. 

6. Michigan State Spartans- 11-1: Watching the Michigan v.s. Michigan State game was an emotional rollercoaster. One second, Kenneth Walker III is in the endzone for Michigan State, and then Payton Thorne is throwing one of the most ridiculous passes I’ve ever seen in my entire life for Michigan State. It was a back and forth battle, but Michigan State came out victorious. I think Ohio State will defeat Michigan State which would make Michigan State drop. If Michigan State does lose, and Ohio State beats Michigan, Ohio State will be in the BIG Ten championship. I just do not think Michigan will have the qualifications if Ohio State Wins out and Michigan State does not make the BIG Ten championship. 

Playoff Bracket Predictions

Semi- Finals           Championship           

  1. Georgia Bulldogs       


  1. Ohio State Buckeyes      1. Georgia Bulldogs 

                                                               v.s                      Champions– Georgia Bulldogs

  1. Oklahoma Sooners 

                      v.s                       2. Oklahoma Sooners

  1. Cincinnati Bearcats